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buy a cheap drop phone, collect their numbers and then prank call these guys with confusing information attempting to pay up. use ridiculously long names and numerically impossible data. take up as much time as you can, record the call and post on utube! I really can not say much more except they have called most regularly. never before or after 8am or 9pm. but never once have I picked up the phone and spoke to anyone! now I simply leave the... Read more

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When I received the notice that I owed Alliedinterstate, the sum of $9.81 which is a reduced amount according to them. Alliedinterstate NEVER TOLD ME THE ORIGIAN AMOUNT. ONLY THE REDUCED AMOUNT OF $9.81. Their phone number is, (the one I have anyway) 877-313-3730. I called them the day I received notice. I asked what's it for and they said, "Dish said you this amount for shipping the black box back to them." I then told him I paid for it... Read more

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These people are scammers. They are Hindu Indians who are incredibly rude on the phone and can barely speak English. They make up "debts" that don't even exist. If you try and ask them about it they become belligerent and start swearing. It's ridiculous. A common theme I've found is that if you've ever ordered anything online from those online pharmacies based in India (i.e. "US Pharmacy"), they probably sold your number to the scammers. ... Read more

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(888) 253-3108 OR (800) 811-4214 Allied Interstate LLC (Debt Collector) P.O. Box 4000, Warrenton, VA 20188 They started calling yesterday. Sallie Mae now Navigant has them calling the number I was using to contact them regarding my loans. They got another number from the college. They call both numbers. When you call a 1 800, 1 888, 1 866, 1 855, 1 900 and any other number that uses Automatic Number... Read more

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I recently received a letter from this company claiming I owed $353.91 to EBay. How dumb do they think people are. First of all, I've never bought anything on EBay for that amount and obviously, if you have the winning bid on EBay the seller isn't going to send out the merchandise until AFTER they've received payment. Also, when I have purchased items in the past I've ALWAYS paid via PayPal. Therefore, it is impossible to owe EBay anything. ... Read more

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Same as many others here. calls, no message, calls multiple times per day at the same times so most likely it's a robo call. I'm getting them from 888-253-3108. I did answer the first time they called, I run a business from my home. Told them no one here owed them money and I had the number for over a year now. I demanded them to take the number off their list. No such luck, call twice a day, every day. At least it's only one ring, I've... Read more

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Just got off the phone with these people and talk about rude!!!! And not to mention trying to get money from me for a loan I know nothing about and said they couldn't provide paperwork to discuss this so called loan. I think they are a scam. Add comment

this company emails me daily and calls my mobile several times daily. i am 58 and i attended tulane and earned a jd in the late seventies on a full scholarship, i then obtained a masters in nursing so i do medical records reviewing for malpractice cases. i also have a degree in philosophy and english lit. everytime i call this company and tell them to stop emailing me and calling me they hang up on me, every single time. i just made eight... Read more

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I have received call after call after call. When I answer no one is there. Silence, then a rapid beeping. I finally called the number myself and they answered. I told them to take me from their call list. That if they felt that they had need to communicate with me they could do so via mail. This is ridiculous. This is aggressive, abusive calling. If you are going to call, respond when I answer. All day, Saturday's, Sunday's. Somebody... Read more

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I have been receiving phone cAlls for months now. They call in the daytime, night time, and now between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM. I never pick up because I do not know who they are. They never leave a message, they just keep on calling. I know for a fact that I DONT owe any money where a collection agency should be calling me, so I have to assume it is a scam of some sort. I am elderly and not in good health, so I just wish there was a way... Read more

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