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These people from allied interstate have been harassing me from early in the morning till night. I spoke with them and told them I could set up a payment plan and the rep.

I was talking to was trying to coerce me into giving him my bank account info and card information right away.I never even told him how I was planning on paying for all he knows it could be with a check or money order. I told him I would call back to review how I would pay and he wouldn’t let me get off the phone, insisting he needed it RIGHT NOW. I was appalled by his behavior and general lack of communication skills. What kind of person tries mob mentality as a customer service rep.?

Needless to say I didn’t give him anymore information because at that point it was getting aggressive.

So glad I did my research on this company after I got off the phone to see that everyone else has had horrible experiences as well. Time to get a lawyer I suppose.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allied Interstate Debt Collection.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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"Time to get a lawyer I suppose"LOL.. If you had lawyer dollars you would have paid off this bill to stop the call.

Typical dead beat.

If you owe money(Why else would you make arrangements) why would you think they wouldn't call.You sound as if you'll pay them when they're a priority to you. Their calls remind you to bump them up on your least of debts.


Typical deadbeat? How do you make such accusations when you've never even met the person.

Creeper alert!! Also, drop your ego, its not healthy.

@Bobby Willis

Typical dead beat who likes to create the "why do you use the default anonymous moniker" diversion. It doesn't take a space scientist to tell you're a dead beat whose time has finally come.

On the upside, you didn't say the typical loser lament "you must work for them." Pay your bills loser and the calls will stop. Good luck in getting a lawyer who will want to waste time with low budget cases like this.....

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