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I recently purchased a new cell phone and changed my existing number. I immediately began getting phone calls from Allied Interstate.

I asked repeatedly why they were calling and how they had obtained my number. They refused to give me any information unless I first gave them my phone number. They would curse at me and hang up. I then began to ignore their calls thinking I would look them up online, file a complaint, and register my number on the do not call list.

The calls persisted in the meantime. I finally answered thinking this time the person on the other end might realize that there was some mistake, make a note of it in the computer, and then the phone calls would cease. The person was very rude and hung up on me three times. I finally got someone else who insisted that I knew the person they were trying to reach or was that person.

I spent the next half hour very childishly calling and annoying the staff from a different number. I would insist that they owed me money and that they pay or I would sue, I would order pizza, and just in general be a pest. A very rude pest. It didn't help but it was funny.

I don't know how to get rid of them but I will send them a cease and desist letter as someone advised on this site.

I don't owe these people any money and I had never heard of them until I looked them up online and saw the numerous complaints. Good luck to anyone suffering from this company.

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I had them call tonight, I said I'd take a message, they hung up. Called back 20 min later and told the person that someone with a middle name of X lived there, but that person didn't go by X and then different and spelled the last name in a phonetically correct but spelled in an obscure way. Asked them if they had the full name, received the response of "No they didn't have the full name, and it's not the right spelling of the last."

They then apologized and said that it must have been a wrong number and that they'd take me off the list.

We'll see. (side note: when taking the original message, i asked the first persons name, and then repeated back an incorrect name to verify the first telemarketers name. when I called them back the second person asked if X2 (being the incorrect name i had said) lived there as well as X...that's how I figured out this is a phishing scam.


Don't make calls with no name or message after 10:13 PM *** and you will be ignored. As long as you want to leave unknown caller with no message I will leave no response and adise you to stick your phone where the sun don't shine. don't bother me and I will ignore you butt head!


Don't make calls with no name or message after 10:13 PM *** and you will be ignored. As long as you want to leave unknown caller with no message I will leave no response and adise you to stick your phone where the sun don't shine. don't bother me and I will ignore you butt head!


Whats the best way to stop the calls? I don't owe any money and they call multiple times a day, sometimes even really late or early. I started getting the calls on my cell phone about 3 weeks ago.


The phone rang and when I picked up there was a recording prattling on saying that this was an attempt to collect a debt and anything said would be recorded for that purpose...or words similar to that!

The recording was on a loop, repeating the same thing over and over, till I hung. Then I called the number back and this time some *** was there but wouldn't speak; so I hung up! The irony of this is I do not owe a single soul on this earth, except my mortgage payment each month!!!!


Allied Interstate states that they have the right to contact my employer, but they don't have that right. I have contacted my attorney and will file a lawsuit.

Just to let you know that 2 of the employees at Allied Interstate hung up on me when I was explaining to them that I did not want to verify where I worked, Ms. Martinez and Ms. Wells were very rude, even when I tried to get the matter cleared up with their agency.

CAN SOMEONE SAY "LAWSUIT." Look out Allied because here it comes.


They ignored my cease and desist letter and I reported them to the BBB. I get 16 calls a day and It's at the point where they are harassing me.


Simple. Its hard to report them to the FTC because they will not do anything to help us out, so get a GOOD coaches whistle and when you call them back use *67 then call the number 866-310-3882 and use the whistle on the person that answers.

I don’t use *67 and don’t care what they do because what will they do? You may want to think twice if you do owe them money but I don’t. Back in October I got a new phone number and the fools are calling here asking for a Cathy B and I would keep telling that there is no Cathy so its whistle time.

These SOBs won’t stop calling so blow out their eardrums one at a time. :eek

If you answer the phone and talk with someone then use the whistle and hang up.


They call me at least a dozen times a day...........harassing phone calls......WWWAAAAYYYYYY to many calls!!!!!!


blueeyes99 same thing is happening to me. They are insisting taht i am Jenny G*** and taht i live in NY.

I have never lived in NY. They call my home, work, cell & now my parents house (BTW I've been married for 8 years & have no clue how they got that number) several tmes a day. I've explained each time that just b/c i have the same name don't mean i am the person taht they are looking for.

I've tried being nice, yelling, screaming, threatend lawyers...

I'm going to send them a cease and desist letter this week. I don't know what else to do.


We're being harassed by this company Allied Interstate for a debt that is not ours. This company is even calling my children.

How in the world do they get our numbers. We once knew this person some thirteen years ago haven't a clue where he is at today.

Since then he married someone that is a Chinese National living in our country now re; her green card by marrying this man she goes by his name, and several other names. Why are they harassing us even my children last name has change since being married they've not cast eyes on him since early 1993.


Any one who is having unlawful background checks done by Allied, due to you knowing a person they are trying to collect from. You can reach a live person at Allied at 1-866-310-3882


Allied Finances called my phone today and when I complained that no on by the name yhey are looking for lives here that I was wheelchair bound and had to get to the kitchen to check their number.....I was told to get a cordless phone!! Next times I won't even bother to worry abpot it as I have an answert machine that I can just erase them.


Every 3 months A.I. calls may mother to tell her that I owe AOL money.

AOL has confirmed that I have never owed them anything and they have never used A.I. to collect money from me.

I don't know how they got my mother's phone number, but thank goodness she is smart enough to not give them any information. They wanted her credit card number.

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