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I answered the phone today after the 30th time that they called during the week. The calls would start at 8:00 am and the latest I received a call was at 8:30 pm.

They called through 3 different 1-800 numbers. A foreign sounding voice asked for Carl. When I told her that there was no Carl here, she said " There is a Carl there and I need to talk to him right now!" I was astounded! How rude of her to do that to someone she doesn't even know.

I calmly said I am sorry there is no Carl here she just sighed heavily and hung up on me! So I went to bed just shaking my head and decided that she probably wouldn't call back. WRONG! After getting my 3 year old on the daycare bus at 7:45, I went inside my house and set down, turned on my tv and was all set to just chill until my son came home at noon.

At 8:02am, guess who called back? I just sighed and answered it and the same female voice asked me: "Is Carl there?" I got so mad but I held my tounge and answered" You asked me this same question less than 12 hours ago. There is no Carl here. At all.

She answered "Well I know there is because this is the phone number that he provided to us 6 months ago." I repeated "There is no Carl here" and she sighed real heavily and said rather rudely, "Well when Carl gets home ask him to call us immedietly. I hung up the phone and got my laptop and looked up my number and realized well wow,THERE IS NO CARL IN MY DATABASE RECORDS. The only numbers with my phone number was my boyfriend, my girlfriends and of course my family and relatives. The number called back 3 different times that day and through the weekend about 10 times and I just mute the number when they call now.

What can I do to stop this company from calling my phone?

I have already registered all 3 numbers on the DO NOT CALL list and to the FCC with no results. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Write them A ceast and Desist letter certified then filed for damages of $1000.00 creditors know this

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