Blythewood, South Carolina

I keep getting calls from the above number. When I called back, they won't tell me who they are kept presurring me for my personal info.

I finally talked to a manager who again pressured me for my personal info. I finally got her to pull up the file attached to the number gave her my first name. Once she confirmed that the first name doesn't match her file, she said she will put a request in to remove my number.

However, if another call comes through, I should answer it and tell the person on the other end that I'm not the person they are looking for. I hope this works.

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Got a call from 800-410-4391 this morning asking if this was the home of Xxx Xxxx, someone we are acquainted with but are definitely not friends. They asked for SSN but refused to ID themselves.

How this "company" got our phone number & associated it with the person they are searching for has to be one for the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales. We've never had any business with either the 800 number or the person they are looking for.


i am working for iqor philippines..this is our # 800-410-4391 & 8664609145..indeed people from allied interstate are harassers..i will post an email address in the future so that u can pm me there..bosses from iqor are indians..*** them all....i will reveal all their secrets...soon..................

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