Columbus, Ohio

I received a call with the man opening up telling me that he was a debt collection agency and was calling in behalf of ???? (some kind of publishing company I've not heard of) and information that he received on this call would be used to correct the debt.

He then said that my husband's name had been reported to a collection agency and he would not answer my questions about who we were supposedly in debt to, because we have not received any bills. He said that he didn't know because he was just a collector. I told him that this sounded like a bunch of *** and he was going to have to tell me more about "who we owed" before I gave him ANY information. He then tried to "verify" my address...and it was wrong...and he said he would make a note in his system and that he would prefer that I not use profanity.

I told him that I would prefer that he did not call in the first place and hung up.

I then called the number back 1-866-753-3671 and the same man (Indian sounding) answered with a "hello?" I asked what the name of the agency was and he said Allied Interstate and that his name was Sam Micheals. I asked what did the company do, and he told me that he could not give out that information and insisted on looking up my "account." I told him not to bother because I was calling the police.

This kind of stuff just TICKS ME OFF!

Product or Service Mentioned: Allied Interstate Debt Collection.

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Allied Interstate contacted third parties about my personal debt and attempted to coerce these people into paying the debt for me. this is a major violation of federal laws.

If you do any research on Allied interstate, you will find that they have a horrible reputation and continually violate state and federal collection laws.

They won't even post their address online because that information can be used to file complaints with the Federal Trade Comission. The FTC Consumer Protection unit investigates or prosecutes this company an average of ten times per month.


Jeffrey (Geoffrey) Devaney, who ever and where ever you are (I know you have a mail box at a postal annex in Santee, CA), please pay your *** debt so that debt collectors like Allied Interstate, Hunt & Henriques, Protocol Recovery Servivce, et al, will STOP calling me. I'm NOT you and our last names are NOT the same.

Stop being a DEADBEAT!


Allied Interstate keeps calling about moneys I dont owe. to Q.V.C.I spoke to Q.V.C.

they checked and I dont owe any moneys to Q.V.C. or anyone else for that matter.No account info,just wanted money.WATCH THEM and DONT PAY THEM !!!


Got a call tonight from Allied interstate, they had the wrong number and my clock said 9pm on the dot. I informed the b@5t@rd calling that he had the wrong number and then said "it is a bit late for you to be calling isn't i?t and he said "it's 8:55 can't you read a clock?" I asked for his supervisor and he kept talking over me saying "can't you read a clock, can't you read a clock" then he hung up. I can't believe these people haven't been shut down.

Do the Fair Dept Collection Laws protect anyone?

I just can't believe these people can get away with this, they must hire trash out of the gutter. I understand they are a collection agency and get their fair share of shady people but that doesn't not justify the blatant disrespect I was shown this evening.

I read a post of a couple who made payments to Allied only to have someone who worked there use their credit card to order pizza. I would love to know how that was resolved. I am calling my Attorney General to file a complaint in the morning. I consider what he did abuse and I wont stand for it.


This company has been calling me looking for a relative with a different last name. I have not spoken to this relative for a long time. I have no idea how they got my number.


This number keeps calling my home--"allied interstate 775-319-1506" and I want it to stop! First, they call, and leave messages w/out stating WHO the call is for. I just love those calls. Those are like the bills I would get from time to time that just states how much to send, where to send but doesn't state exactly what "service" was provided and by the "doctor". Incredible!

Then Allied calls when your sleeping in on a SATURDAY MORNING! My 15 year old son answered the phone and told them that they have the WRONG number! The funny thing is, the person they were asking for was an EX-SISTER-IN-LAW who we haven't seen in a million years and who has a different last name than us!

This is the second time that a collection agency is using a "TRACKING" system of sorts. Another time a different company did the same thing with a very distant relative - through marriage. I had to finally threaten a lawyer and then the calls stopped. Maybe that is what we have to do, get a class action lawsuit going on these entities to stop them from this harassment! It is bad enough that I had to deal with the creditors for me when I went through bad times but now I have to deal with them for someone else too? This is utter ***

Hey ALLIED, your practices are HARASSMENT and from the looks of all those on the different internet sites COMPLAINING; I think you better CHANGE THEM! :(


Somehow Allied managed to rack up a charge of 142 dollars and said the payment was late, lowering my credit score to 582 from 718. can i fight them with a lawyer?


Okay, I called these people back because they keep calling my CELL PHONE during class. Yes, it is on vibrate, and the teacher can not hear it.

But still - I called these idiots back, and told them to stop calling me. They claimed that I was this random person who was in dept, and needed to pay them a certain amount of money. The next day, they called me four times. I called them back, they claimed I was a different person.

(Blaa, blaa, blaa). They call me more and more frequently now. I can't block them though, because it costs money and I am not willing to pay. This has been going on for about 3 years.

I am sick and tired of it. In addition, I DON'T HAVE STUDENT LOANS!


Street address:

435 Ford Rd Ste 800 City, State:

Minneapolis, Minnesota


(952) 595-2000

Other Information:

This company profile is for the private company Allied Interstate Inc headquarters, located in Minneapolis, MN.

Allied Interstate Inc's line of business is adjustment/collection services.

Company Name: Allied Interstate Inc

Address: 435 Ford Rd Ste 800, Minneapolis, MN 55426-1066 (Map)

Alt Business Name:

Location Type: Headquarters

Est. Annual Sales: $49,800,000

Est. # of Employees: 1,150

Est. Empl. at Loc.: 470

Year Started: 1998

State of Incorp: MN

SIC #Code: 7322

Contact's Name: Vikas Kapoor

Contact's Title: President

Parent Companies: Intellirisk Management Corporation, Iqor, Inc

NAICS: Collection Agencies

Data above provided by D&B.

Company information provided


I just got a call for my brother-in-law, and I have to laugh. Years ago, I maxed out 6 credit cards and fought them all off!!

You have to be timely in your correspondences etc.

BTW know your State statute of limitations. California is 4 years, no one can collect if your SOL has expired


I have been getting calls from this company for YEARS now. They are asking for someone who has a similar name, but NOT my actual name.

For the first year and a half I would answer their calls, explain this all over again and demand they remove me from their list. Of course a couple weeks later the calls would start again. Then they started doing automated calls asking me to verify my identity before they would connect me to a human being, which of course I refused because as I said they were calling for someone else. Then I thought they finally gave up...I got about 3 months of silence, and then about three weeks ago they started up again.

I refuse to answer the phone when I see their name on caller ID, and they won't even leave me a voicemail message anymore, they just keep calling and calling. I do not owe ANYBODY any money, I have a very good credit score and always pay all my bills on time, plus its not even me they are looking for!

I think it sucks that I am going to have to go through the hassle of changing my number and making it unpublished, or cancelling my landline all together, just because these *** won't leave me alone. How do they keep getting away with this!


HAHA Morgan, I guess you have not been contacted by Allied. If this was a legit business, then maybe people could understand a "wrong number".

Fact of the matter, if you tell them idiots to take your number off their call list, like I have (and yes even politly) they still keep calling back. Bottom line, they are an agency that buys up old debts for pennies and then call and harrass people to get them to pay them.

Half the time the debts have been paid off already. They are in violation of many laws and are on the *** of being the next spectacle for Dateline.


this page has detailed discussion on misdeeds of AI


Enough is enough... After filing a BBB report with Nevada and a report to the do not call list (which I am on) I started doing a little digging. I am not behind in any bills so what is the reason for these continued calls from 775-319-1506? They keep asking for someone not living at my address. My credit score is very, very near 800. Get real.

Allied Interstate Inc (C1680-1999)

2255 Renaissance Dr

Las Vegas, NV 89119-6194

other nbrs: 775-319-1505, 702-597-9881

This locations manager: Daniel H Schultz

Hope this helps anyone out there with this companies harassing calls.


Dear Morgan , usually when people lash out it is because of their own insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. Come on now look what you do for a living. Most of us would find it unconscionable to disturb people in the sanctity and privacy of their homes especially since your debtors information files are riddled with reporting errors and do not reflect the truth not to mention that in many cases you are not in compliance with state statutes of limitations for debt or federal fair trade laws.How can you validate what you do for a living?

You even stipulated you go out of your way not to not delete people off of your do not call lists when they request it. By your own words and actions it confirms what many of Allied's victims have suspected all along, unethical business practices.

Now I could understand if you were from some third world country like India and in order for you to eek out a living you would have to work for an unscrupulous company, but really you are probably from the USA. Why don't you do your self a favor grow some dignity get an education, don't be a legend in your own mind,actually what you do is not beneficial it is parasitic in value. Quit this type of work that invades and violates any sanctity of home or ethics unless you are a sadist who derives pleasure out of this sort of thing.

The only one profiting from this machavellian scheme and who is making millions of dollars off the backs of you stool pidgeons and us victims is CEO Jeff Swedberg. So how do you sleep at nights?


I just got a call from the same place saying that I owed money for Columbia House movies. I have never ordered from them.

They had the wrong address and then were saying that I could pay and switch my address to get the rest of the movies. I was like hmm NO I will not give you my address, and I don't owe any money!!


I just had a call from 866-720-1469 and it was Allied interstate. They were trying to collect a debt that I had another call on yesterday , Focus international.

These are crooked outfits. What a pain.

I do not have a book club membership and they could not provide me with a copy of a bill or send me a letter. Against policy.


Say goodbye to Allied Intrste.

If you get unwanted calls, cancel landline, get cell. Then give their number a silent ringtone and sign up for free call forwarding at youmail dot com. You can give any pest a recording that only they can hear.

Like a fake "I'm sorry this number has been disconnected" I did this and I got rid of my stress.


Say goodbye to bill collectors.

If you get unwanted calls, cancel landline, get cell. Then give their number a silent ringtone and sign up for free call forwarding at youmail dot com. You can give any pest a recording that only they can hear.

Like a fake "I'm sorry this number has been disconnected" I did this and I got rid of my stress.


I got a call from this number and when I answered no one was there. I actually heard them hang up.

I called the number: 866-753-3671 and a man with a foreign accent (India possibly) answered. Said he was with Austin Bennett (not sure of that second name but positive on the Austin). I did not use caller id block on my end and he asked to speak to me by name. I told him no one was here by that name.

May sound petty but I have not had this number long enough for bill collectors! Heck, I don't even have any bills outstanding to warrant a call from any!

So, I believe this is some kind of scam. I do get a ton of collection calls for the person who used to have this number though!

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