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Please be aware of Allied Interstate calls- we received many for 2 weeks straight. (their phone number is 888-720-1467)

Finally picked up and they said we owed AOL charges for 6 months (money didn't come out of our checking account)- we haven't used AOL for internet service for over 9 years..... bet they were waiting to see if we gave them our bank info!!

We challenged their fraud and they hung up! Man was rude - sounded like he was from India. Tried calling their number back only to hear recording and no way to leave message! Unbelievable !


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They are more than likely a scam. I have been scammed a couple times.

If I am paying out money for anything, I will call those ppl. I never NEVER ANSWER my phone unless I know the number


I worked for allied intrastate..formally collectech...they are not a scam...when I worked for them I was collecting on small balances capitol 1 and large balance citizens bank...there were other small creditors...we were trained to be firm not rude but firm to get our payments...I got commission on payments and creditors got paid...we had guidelines to follow per creditor..we were able to settle balances on initial balance.... Example: if your balance is 1000$ but your initial balance is 700$...I could negotiate the 700$.... The company moved to the headquarters in Ohio in 2004 from West Palm beach...


They said they mailed me a letter with urgent news and that they couldn't tell me anything until I gave them my birth date and SS #. They called my work!

They must have used LinkedIn site to get that.

I'm hoping it's just a scam!! I didn't give them any information.


They call my phone about once per day and when they do, I call them about 3-5 times per day and hang up!


Allied Interstate are out of Pakistan, I once called a number of theirs & heard the national anthem of Pakistan playing in the background, they also pose as "Diversified Consultants" using a Missouri phone number but that company was forfeited about 5 or 6 years ago in Missouri & it IS the same man & woman who call.


Just got a letter From AlliedInterstate collection agency from a bill that went on my credit report in 2006. I paid the bill in 4 days.

Here it is June 2015 and Allied interstate saying they will settle account for a certain amount of money if I pay today.

My response to them. I gave his ear a whole lot of southern words that made him hang up...


continuously ask them questions. How did you get this number?

what account are you referring to? What is the account number? All this information that should have been passed over to you when a company, sends things to collections. I think it is funny to see them get a bit riled up.

Especially when you don't owe anything. They will remove you from the list when they are caught.



I understand why you think Allied calls are scam. However, Allied is a legitimate collection agency.

If you don't owe the debt, you should tell Allied that on the phone and in writing.

The calls should stop at that point. If not, you have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


your kidding right they wouldnt even give me info on who i owe


Yea right, send them a certified letter that they refuse to accept.


why do I have to bother writing and speaking with them when I have nothing to do with them? Bunch of idiots. At least if they spoke clear English it might not bw so bad.


Right. And, the Pope is protestant.

Allied Interstate Debt Collection and their Indian or Pakistani accented callers are a scam. Ignore this poster and seriously, you can ignore calls from these scam artists.


I believe there is a REAL Allied, however there are other ppl calling saying they are them






They have called my parents ever since 2001, never said who they were calling for or why, the answering machine would come on and all they'd say is, "Hello" about four or five times in broken English. My parents had gotten rid of their landline phone and went to cellular phones.

Fast forward to 2011 they started calling my cell phone number, I think they *** into websites and I also know that the fraudsters trace phone numbers.

Their number came up on my phone and it was a strange 877 area code so I used someone else's phone to call to see who'd answer or if it was some recording and they now use 866 and 877 area codes and they called the number of the phone I used. I changed my phone number and have put at least 10 numbers on the FTC's Do Not Call list in only recent months.


The FCC is going to have quite a bit of complaints logged from me with this place. Calling, with dead air for seconds, then quickly saying this call is being recorded and not getting to what they are calling about until I continually ask.

And then its to verify personal information for someone else. They also won't say what they are using this information for.

Will they stop calling if I give them wrong information? They are hounding my business line and cellphone everyday.


They call about every day (877-489-5688) and just hang up without saying anything. I'm really getting sick of it.



I keep getting robocalls on my answering machine, while I'm at work, from Allied Interstate LLC regarding a delinquent bill. I have no delinquent bills.

They leave a number that cuts off before the last digit. I found the last digit online. This is pure harassment. I will attempt to contact governing agencies that will help me stop these calls.

Perhaps BBB, FTC, others?

The text of the message: "Hello I am calling from Allied Interstate LLC, a collection agency that is attempting to collect a debt and any information that we obtain will be used for that purpose. Please call us at 1-800-258-8074."


I received the same call. They have changed the number they are using to 1-800-444-5897. I called the Federal Trade Commission and filed attempted fraud.


Well today I called them...and they told me they didn't have my phone number in their data base...I listed off times they called every day for the past 6 days. I guess we will see. When they call the name they refer to isn't even me.

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