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I have been receiving phone calls from the Allied Interstate office in India for about 4 months now, inquiring a dead beat brother of my deceased brother in law.

When the calls first started, I attempted to dodge the calls by saying that the punk they were looking for, named Tony, did not live at my house. I was told that my number would be taken off of their list.

After numerous other calls, I told the idiots at Allied Interstate that Tony died in a tragic lightning stike, and that he was deceased. The calls resumed. I told Allied that Tony was a professional zoo keeper, and he was mauled by a tiger and killed, but I still received calls.

Today, on a sunday no less, I decided to take my frustration to a new level. I asked the Indian lady from Allied if she could give me an account number, which she claimed that she was incapable of doing. I asked for a supervisor or manager, and I was transferred to a Capital One operator, named Chanel.

Chanel told me that my number was used as a contact for Tony, and that I would be taken off of the list. I told her that I have been promised this many times, yet I still get daily calls from Allied/Capital One.

I aasked to speak to Chanel's supervisor, and she claimed that she did not have one. I said, "so you're the boss?" and she proceeded to get irate with me.

I asked Chanel for a phone number to her supervisor, and she claimed that they did not have a phone. I told her that if she needed to call in sick to work, she had to call somebody, and I want that phone number. She told me that I couldn't have it.

These people are liars, and have an absolutely nonprofessional method of doing business. Perhaps this is the type of job that your parents warned you about when you didn't want to go to school as a child.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allied Interstate Debt Collection.

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Call your state Dept of Justice, or email them. File a complaint.

It brings results, believe me! I haven't received a phone call from Crapitol One in months!


I sent an email to and outlined my complaint and plans to report it to my state's Attorney General. They emailed back and asked for the number that was calling.

Then they emailed back and asked for our phone numbers.

Then they emailed back and said the calls would stop immediately. Yes, it is Capitol One calling you.


I got on Capitol One's website and when a popup window wanted to chat, I asked if Allied Interstate had been contracted by Capitol One. After asking me to clarify my question, I told them that 877-218-3219 had been calling me 40 times a day and hanging up.

When I called back they answered "Allied Interstate on behalf of Capitol One." The Capitol One chatter then asked for my CC number and SS number. I refused, saying I had asked a simple question. Capitol One never answered the question.

I said that since they refused to answer I would assume they had contracted with Allied Interstate and that my next move would be to contact the state Attorney General. The chatter said he was sorry for my inconvenience.



I sent an email to the fine folks at the North Carolina Department of Justice, and filed a complaint about Allied Interstate, and their harrassing phone calls.

Within a week the NCDOJ sent me a copy of a letter that was sent to Allied on my behalf.

Three weeks later, I recieved a letter of apology from Capital One and Allied Interstate, stating that there was a mix-up and there would be no more calls.

It has been a month, and I have not received anymore harrassment from those idiots.

Three cheers for the NCDOJ!


Allied won't even tell me what kind of business they are. They are calling for someone other than me.

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