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They started calling yesterday. Sallie Mae now Navigant has them calling the number I was using to contact them regarding my loans. They got another number from the college. They call both numbers. When you call a 1 800, 1 888, 1 866, 1 855, 1 900 and any other number that uses Automatic Number Identification (ANI) they obtain your number and log it with your account information. The loan debt is charged off. the original lender has counted the debt as a loss and these people are still trying to collect on the debt they purchased. They need to sue me since I've not worked in years and own nothing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allied Interstate Debt Collection.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Federal student loans can't be written off. and are actually subject to garnishment of ever SSI and SSDI checks.

Sad but true, the federal government will literally chase people to there graves to get these loans repayed. Just speaking from personal experience.


Yes, federal loans are required to be paid back, unless you meet one of the special categories for dismissal, but this person's issue may be like mine, where the company is trying to collect on a personal student loan. I had mine charged off in a chapter 7 bankruptcy, its even shown on my credit report, and after they tricked me into paying $50 per month for the past year, I stopped paying and now they are trying to put me in collections on a dismissed debt. I can't wait for them to try to take me to court on this!

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