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Allied Interstate has been calling me and not leaving a message. Finally I returned the 866 number and they said "GET THIS" that they are calling on behalf of CapitalOne as a third party administrator and that they need to update my account for CapitalOne. ***!!! They are trying to gain account numbers and information to scam money from you! I do not have any delingquent accounts. They purchase credit card information and use it to scam people out of money.

This includes credit card numbers and social security numbers. They teel you there is something wrong with your account and need to look into it. FRAUD!

FRAUD! FRAUD! These people need to be shut down!!! and put in JAIL. I wish the owner(s) or whatever worm is running this front to please contact me so I could pound you straight into *** one punch at a time. This is not did it to me. DO NOT GIVE "ANY" INFORMATION TO ANYONE PEOPLE---YOUR CREDITORS ALREADY HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!

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i received a letter also, they did not give me whom the credit account i owed 2,000. i called number and told them i did not owe any outstanding debts.

and to stop sending me mail. do not give them any info over the phone just your name and account number off their letter. i told them that if this showed up on my credit report, that im contacting all 3 agencies, that it is fraudulent, and hung UP on them. I contacted the BBB submitted and online complaint, and asked them to tell them to CEASE AND DESIST.

The BBB took care of it for me. Know your state laws. It takes 2 years from day of last payment for any creditor to sue you for the debt. it then can be sold to any credit collection agency, but do not settle your debt with any agency.

Either wait out another 5 years and pull your credit report, it must be voided off your report after 7 years of your last payment. it may show up on your report as different accounts being sold to different collection agencies, but dispute them as one account, and in time it will be voided off your credit report. If you cant settle your account with the creditor directly with a payment arrangement, they cannot continue to add interest and other charges to your account if you are no longer using the credit card etc... to stop the vicious cycle of re aging/or re establishing old debt.

follow this.. contact the BBB and file a complaint, if the compnay if found guilty that can shut them down :)


They have called me every day for the last month or so- including on Sunday (what legitimate agency works on a Sunday?) apparently attempting to "collect a debt" from a Quest account I had - over 2 years ago! (To which I know I do not owe any money.) I asked them for proof and a summary of the charges, and 4 WEEKS LATER I received a letter from them in the mail showing only 1 line with the amount that I "owe".

How is that a summary of the charges? I can tell you this - I am paying them nothing.

Vani H

I have been getting threatening and VERY LATE cell phone calls from these SOB's! They are NOT from the US and they think they do not have to go by the laws, I am personally making some calls now and seeing what I can do legally to have this stopped! Man are they the rudest people and were surprised when they pissed off this Irish girl, the guy was stuttering!


Oh yah well allied Interstate just called me on my cell and I do not know how the *** they got my cell phone number and it is for my husbands bill! The only number that they have is our house and it has been changed cuz they keep on calling us round the clock even on Sundays and around 9 in the evening when they are not supposed to call!


Oh my effin lanta you are as pissed as I am. How the *** can we get this place shut down.

It's getting on my last effin nerve. I always lose sleep over these people.

It got so bad because they were calling so early I had to turn my ringer off on my house phone. This is ***!


You are absolutely right, they should be shut down.

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