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Like all the others, we too have been constatly bombarded w/ several calls/ day, from a so-called ALLIED INTERSTATE "regarding a debt", eventhough my husband and i have outstanding credits...These calls are from a toll free number 1-888-680-2954...our number is quite new and is registered in makes me wonder why we still get these calls...I've read from some of the complaints that informing FTC didn't help them at all. If that didn't work, then what else can we do?..Please, is there anything we can do to protect ourselves from these opportunists??


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Dont ever answer nor return calls from a number you dont know, whether you owe a debt or not you dont know whos on the other line. Keep all of your contacts in writing whether it be via E-MAIL, FAX or U.S.

Mail. Keep a paper trail. Have them verify your debt in writing. Along with not answering the calls dont ever give them any info over the phone.

If you dont want them to call you anymore register all your phones with NATIONAL DO NOT CALL REGISTRY at: WWW.DONOTCALL.GOV also you can file a complaint with the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION at: WWW.FTC.GOV you could also go to their website: WWW.ALLIED-INTERSTATE.COM and contact them via email and send them an E-MAIL or letter via U.S. MAIL to "CEASE COMMUNICATIONS" and they will have no choice but to contact you through the mail. I hope this helps. As a previous victim to telemarketers calling as well as scams im going from website to website and lending my help.

GOOD LUCK! also should you ever answer or god forbid they call you at you place of employment tell them to STOP CALLING YOU and TO REMOVE YOU FROM THEIR LIST


I just called IRMC as well, and had no problem getting myself off of their list.

The person they were calling for is my uncle, not sure why they would call me about debts he has... anyway, thanks everyone for the IRMC number!


Thanks for telling me about IRMC, I did call them, they said they would take care of it. Thank you!


These *** holes have been calling us for years, even though we are on the do not call list, we wrote the attorney general, and have called the company and written them to stop. We have explained there is NO DEBT, never has been.

The number obviously belonged to someone else who had debt, before we got the number. No, changing our number is not the answer. The number is a special one, chosen to be easy to remember, like a vanity number is chosen. So, if these pigs call when you're on the do not call list, if they call even after years of informing them they are calling a wrong number, how do we stop these *** low life creeps?

Why are they legally allowed to continue the harrasment? Does anyone have a solution to stop these calls and stop this company from harrassing people?


Thank you so much DEE! I called IRMC, and they found out what was going on and took my number off Allied's list!!!

IRMC 1.800.811.4214


Hey people, just change your phone number, the *** with those people. Anyway more and more people are turning to cell phones, what are they going to do next, come to our houses?????yeah ok. I have caller id, I shut my phones off after a certain hour, and my family and friends have my cell to contact in case of emergency, so keep calling idiots, doesn't bother me a bit....


Allied Interstate empolyee's must get paid well for not having a soul. This company is evil and needs to be brought down.

We can do it. Will anyone help me?


One Stop Motors has been the victim of Internet slander. A number of negative posts have began appearing on the Internet dating back to 2007, coincidentally, the same year a disgruntled employee was let go from the company.

According to One Stop Motors President, Rob Wilder, the company has researched the complaints, attempting to match the names posted on each listing with their database of clients. None of the names listed in the complaints board match their records of active or past clients.

One Stop Motors believes most of the complaints are the result of a disgruntled employee that was let go from the company in 2007, as well as posts from local competition. “We have thoroughly researched each complaint that has been posted for two reasons. One, we want to see whether these are legitimate postings, and two, if they are, we want any customer, past or present, who is not satisfied with our services to contact us right away. We have always gone the extra mile to ensure the happiness of our clients, and we will always continue to do so,” said Wilder.

Third party consumer protection sites have also researched the negative complaints and have publicly denounced their validity, declaring, “One Stop Motors customers can feel safe confident and secure when doing business with the One Stop Motors program - Committed to total customer satisfaction.. One Stop Motors ensures that all customers get the highest level of service and support.”

About One Stop Motors

One Stop Motors specializes in the sale of used cars online. The company offers value added tools such as shipping, financing, extended warranties, insurance, marketing and advertising support for sellers and fraud protection for buyers.


Robert Wilder

President / CEO

702 567 8817


My elderly mother has been getting calls from 888-680-2954 repeatedly, upto 20 times a day, some days starting at 6am. She is hard of hearing and let's her machine pick up-this number has NEVER left a message.

After finding the source and realizing it's debt servicing, I knew it was a mistake as she has absolutely NO DEBT or unpaid bills. This is out and out harassment. I called IRMC, they looked up her information, said it was a wrong name/number, apologized and took her off the list. Punkt.

So, Mr.

"i work for allied insurance...", I'm complaining because you guys MADE A MISTAKE and are disturbing an innocent elderly woman's peace. Geez....get it right, will you?!?!?!?


Hey: "Mr. I Work For Allied" You made a comment that if consumers don't want to be called to pay their debt.

Well, you *** ***. I have no debt.

Almost a perfect credit score and have never been late on a bill and still your *** *** call. Why don't you finish school and learn how to find a person correctly in the phone book.


Call IRMC---18008114214. They will look up your number in the computer system and check to be sure that they are contacting the right person.

If they are not, they will take your number off the list within 24-48 hours.

They were very nice and helpful!


Once theyve got you,theyve got you. My brother had a debt,they called my uncle since he was first in the phone book and went thru all names till they got my dad. My dad couldnt get ahold of him so they repeatedly called dad.Several times a day for months.Nancy,he wrote letters,it doesnt matter once they hook a live person they dont stop.


don't ever pay them they stole money out of my friends act she made a one time payment and they took it out every week for just over a mo. and she had over draft fees up the *** so never ever give any one that chance. also if you mail a check they have your bank info and can do the same thing sham on you allied.


i say pay someone to constantly call allied interstate reps with the same type of harassment. one by one they should get the picture.

i think will try that!!! :grin :zzz :p ;)


The Do Not Call list only stops TELEMARKETERS. Allied Interstate and the like are scummy third party bottom feeding debt collection agencies.

They are not telemarketers. The only way to stop them is to send them a cease communication letter.

certified with a return reciept. But then they will just sell it off to another scummy third party bottom feeding debt collection agency who will start the harrassment all over again.


HAHAHAHA you guys are hilarious!!! do you know, the more seriously you take our phone calls, the more we call. but if you tell us on the phone to *** off and hang up, we probably will call you back in abt 2 mins. thats jus how the AUTOMATED DIALER works. when you hang up, we disposition the call as abrupt hangup, so the dialer reads it as you know what the call is regarding but are ignoring the issue, so the best case senario, is to be the nicest you can be, ask to be ADDED to the do not call list (some people say "can you take me OFF the do not call list?" -uhh okay?)

so yeah

we actually arent a bad company. weve been hired by major credit card companies to collect YOUR debts.

if you dont want us to "harass" you, then pay your *** debts.

and dont complain about how much interest or finance charges are attached, you knew this was all comin for you when you signed the line.

payment protection, if you dont know anythin abt it or dont want it and are extremely pissed off about it, then the person that talks you into signing the second line should be the one you need to take your anger out on!!

anyways, when we do take your number out of the system, its only out for 2 months, and we call back that number. and we have ways of getting the numbers that are on the do not call with the government.

sounds like *** but thats the complete truth!! ahahaha


set up your fax to fax them 24/7 to tie up there lines. Your fax will kept calling because it needs a fax tone to compleat the calll so it keeps calling forever at no cost to you.


Call their parent company, iQor formerly known as IRMC [1-800-811-4214]. They are much nicely and will have your name off the Allied list in 24-48 hours guaranteed.


write a letter telling them that you have no debt, if they wish to collect they must provide proof of debt, and that they must cease if they do not wish to be reported for fraudulent activities, and make sure you send it certified mail or some other way to make sure you have proof they received the letter. keep copies of everything, and if you must file a report on them, you'll have proof you told them to stop harrassing you, and maybe you can get somewhere with them. good luck!

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