Stone Mountain, Georgia

I have Privacy Director on my phone and when I click to try to talk to them, it is nothing. I am not sure, but it is probably for a wrong number, I sure hope so after reading all these complaints.

If anyone can give me a toll free number, I would appreciate it. I have dealt with another agency about as bad, called Afni. Charter Comm turned me in in 2000 and I paid it and have all my documentation. They won't go away either.

This time I sent it to them certified. So, beware if you get them too.

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These idiots keep calling my house for my sister, they sure the *** can't give me any information but they have no problems harrassing me for me to give them info! Not getting any info out of me..If they have a debt from my sister then obviously they should have some form of info on her!!

Let's call and harrass them huh??? 1 866-235-7508


If you can't get people who speak ENGLISH to service people who speak english that is your own fault. Send them to ESL or don't outsource to other countries.


Don't criticize the people who don't speak English that well, think about it this way... can you speak their language?

i betcha you can't. and that's right. maybe trying to give out your SSN or name would help let THEM pull up your records.

don't hang up on them, they might just be able to help...have more patience sir...


You may have been listed as a reference for someone they are trying to contact, in which case your number wouldn't be attached to the main account.


thank you for the number. I called and got someone that barely spoke English.

She asked for my phone number, I gave her that since they have been calling me.

Then, she could not pull it up so she wanted my ss# and I told her NO, I am not giving you that. Then she wanted my name and I said, NO, if you can't get it by my phone number, then I must not owe you anything and hung up.


Their number is 866-460-9145

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