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A few years back I fell behind on my student loans... Last year (Apr, '11), Allied Interstate called to collect on the penalties I have incurred. I gave them my bank account info and they withdrew $139 / mo for 10 months ("rehab" program). My 10th / last payment was in Jan, '12... after which, my loan was to be handed over to ECMC (formerly EdFund). The rep @ Alliance told me it would take approx 30 days (after last payment) for my new loan packet to arrive...

About 45 days later, I had received nothing and called Alliance. This time, the rep told me that I needed to contact ECMC b/c they no longer had my loan. I called ECMC, who told me Alliance hasn't submitted "rehab" completion paperwork and, therefore, I am still in default. After about 5 phone calls, the run around was getting old and I asked rep @ Alliance to conference in ECMC and figure this out... Ofcourse, they were "not allowed" to do that (prob b/c it made too much sense).

Then, a lady named "Donna" calls me and says that she handles the rehab program at Alliance. She also says that ECMC is behind due to tax season and that I HAD to make another payment ($139) to Alliance in order to not fall "through the cracks" (exact words). Now, I'm pissed... when I called Alliance originally, they couldn't even find my loan!! Who's to say that they'll even apply it correctly (?!) and, then, I'll probably get the run around again trying to locate where that payment actually went... So, I tell "Donna" I have to think about it and I'll get back to her. That same day, ECMC calls me back and tells me that they found my loan and I should receive my docs in the next 2 weeks. Two / three days later, "Donna" person calls me at my office and says that we had an agreement that I was to call her with paymet info but never did. So, I explained to her that I had a conversation with ECMC and that it's been handled. She then states that I still HAD to make a payment to Alliance b/c she doesn't show that ECMC has my loan... and that b/c I haven't made a payment in almost two months, this will go on my credit report (!). Naturally, I now want to punch this "Donna" person in the face... I mean, are they serious??!! I said that was ridiculous and she needed to contact ECMC before calling me again... and that I will not tolerate harrassment at my work place (especially when it has no ground).

It has now been several weeks and I haven't heard from anyone @ Alliance... Thank goodness because these people are complete idiots and only care about collecting money.. whether or not they're actually owed any is not a factor whatsoever. Ridiculous...

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Thank you for this information. I have been contacted by Allied for a possible employment opportunity. This has helped me make a decision in regards to the company's moral commitment.

Thanks again

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