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I first started getting calls from them about a month ago and I never answered. I don't answer calls from odd numbers.

Upon looking up Allied Interstate, I see tons of bad reviews about rude people and being cussed out. I blocked the number, I knew that i didnt have any outstanding debt. Tired of seeing the "blocked number" notification on my phone i decided to take them off block this morning just to see what and who they were calling for.

Turns out they were looking for someone else, which i knew but didnt have a current number for. The lady i spoke with was nice and immediately told me that I'd be taken off of their call list, hopefully it actually happens.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allied Interstate Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Good for you. Often times these people are calling off a terrible list or calling for someone you know who put you down as a reference.Answer the phone once and awhile and you'll be surprised how quick these calls will stop... Well for a few weeks and it's back on again.

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