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Why do they call showing as a 'Private' number? Why are they hiding their identity?

And when you answer they start off unpleasant without even knowing whom they are speaking to. When asked who they are they give you a first name and 'Allied Interstate' for a 'personal business matter'. If it's a personal matter and they expect someone to talk to them, they shouldn't hide their number. Secondly when I asked to take a message for the person they asked for...

which was actually ME... they gave me 800 317 8360, but they are only available from 3pm to 11pm.

What legit financial business (even collections) has such hours? This is making me really suspicious.

Has anyone else gotten that vibe?

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They have called sometime in the morning, waking up the whole house, for five straight business now. It is a vague pre-recorded message about "attempting to collect a debt" and it adds that "any information collected will be used to collect the debt." They don't indicate who they are calling to speak with or anything specific.

Not sure what that means, but it doesn't sound Kosher. I'm not going to call a number and starting giving out personal information. We have a relative who owes a lot of debt and we get calls here for that person a lot. That's probably who it is for, but who knows?

Could be a scam, and I'm not about to give out personal information, or even get myself in the middle of something by calling back. Of course, like everyone else, we are in debt. We have a mortgage, car payments, credit card balances, etc., but nothing that would require a debt collection agency.

If something slipped through the cracks -- like a minor medical bill -- why can't it be sent in the mail? For what it's worth, the Better Business Bureau gives an Allied Interstate an F.


Ive been getting calls from this number for the last couple of days. A different person each time.

They are calling to speak to our "accounts payable" about some personal info they cant reveal about one of our clients. Just got a first name from a call a few minutes ago "Aarron". Wouldnt give me a last name. When I asked when we call back what are we supposed to reference or who do we ask for he said - " someone from accounts payable needs to call back at the 800 number & anyone that answers at the number will be able to "pull up" what needs to be discussed".

Sounds too weird to I didnt tell him that our accounts payable was actually out of an office in a different state with a completely different number.

Dont plan on calling these guys back anyway. Doesnt seem like legit operations to me.


Allied interstate is legit. But that doesn't mean someone couldn't pretend to be them.

My husband, had some prior marriage issues with debt he had to settle and allied interstate was professional.

I had some problems also because the home I purchased was a forclosure and I guess they bought that debt, I asked them to remove my name from there list, because I was not the holder of the debt, they must have reversed the address for a number. They removed me from the list.


these people called my EX husband. I hvaen't been married o him for over 28 years. who are these people???


There are Federal Laws that forbid collectors to talk to "third" parties. They say personal business matter because they want to protect your information.

Would you want everyone they call to know that you are in debt? Collectors need to verify this info first, before any discussion of the debt is mentioned.


They do not give out their 1st and last name because they do not want someone who owes a debt to get mad at them and attempt to locate them. I know it is silly, but there are people who have tried to attack collectors because they are mad. I am not sure what their hours are but that is why they don't give out a 1st and last name.


I agree completely. My "caller" refused to give me his first and last name, and straight out asked for my personal information, including account number of a different bank branch, over the phone!

How am I supposed to know this "man" is legitimate? Not to mention I could barely understand a thing he said and as a 19 year old I informed him that I not only needed to speak to my parents but also our broker.

I felt like it was a sham so I refused to give him any information and insisted on having a number, extension, and name to call back. None of which he could give me except one 1-800 number and that's it.


Same exact thing just happened to me. Who are these people?

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