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This first started with Convergence, who created a fraudulent debt, claiming they were collecting $1200 of debt on a Chase account. I checked my credit report and called Chase. There was no evidence on my credit report of ever having had a Chase account, and Chase verified that I had never had an account with them in the past. So I sent a letter to Convergence telling them this.

They replied by shifting this debt over to a sister company Resurgeance. At this point I went to the police and filed a fraud case. I sent Resurgeance a letter via fax with the phone number and case number that the detective provided me.

Their response? They once again shifted the debt to this new sister company Allied Interstate. I will be sending them a letter with the phone number and case number that the officer gave me and tell them that no matter how many times they want to shift this debt around their sister companies, they will never receive any money from me, or from the insurance company that insures the debt in case of stolen identity, and that any sister company they shift it to will receive the same response.

The officer explained this whole cycle to me in detail. Whenever someone applies for a credit card, if their score is low, then the information is sent off to other groups associated with them. In this case, this all started after I applied for a Chase credit card and was rejected for a low credit score. Convergeance showed up on my credit report to check on it the very next day, and days after that was when they sent the claim of collections. What *** like these do is create a phony debt because they think it's easy to get people to believe that they owe a debt, and because of their low score, who would believe the victim? They also have insurance on the debt, so that if they are unable to collect due to stolen identity, the insurance will pay for it, so either way, they get their money. However, by filing this as a fraud case (which it is), the company will be unable to collect at all. So, they shift it to a sister company so they can't get pinned if things go to court.

I have saved all letters sent to me, have copies of the letters I send, and I always send letters either by certified mail, or by fax so I have proof that these letters are being sent and received. I still have my credit report as well, printed out and ready.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allied Interstate Debt Collection.

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