Vallejo, California

they called and harassed my elderly parents with constant voicemail messages left at their home after I called the number back and told them to lose my parents phone number and explain to me what they were calling about they wouldn't give me any information. I filed a BBB complaint and the calls stopped.

Now they are calling my sister looking for me. THEY NEED TO STOP!!

won't tell me what this is for and I am done with getting calls and frustrating my family and family members. why haven't they been shut down by better business and/or why hasnt BBB do something about them and make them stop already????

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They are doing the same thing to me. They called my sister in laws 92 year old mother who is not well and pumped her for information.

This company is disgusting! Their home recently burned down they could care less. The collector, Danielle Hughes is rude, insisted I was the person she called and I am the sister of her husband. They do not even live with her mother.

She kept calling me by someone elses name and says she is recording the conversation. She is pushy and abusive and should be fired!!!

She then said she was calling my sister in laws mother back!!! It isn't even legal.


to answer your question/comments - leaving messages is not harassment. if nobody answers the phone to say wrong number then how will any reasonable person know it is the wrong number?

if the phone was answered and told the caller wrong number then problem solved. can't say me not answering phone is harassment by caller.

laws prevent giving of personal information to someone other than person trying to be contacted. if you verify who you are, (IE the person trying to be contacted), you will be told what the calls are about. failure to I.D.

yourself and obviously you will not be told why calls are made.

the only people who can say don't call this number are the people who are registered to the number. I can't tell someone to stop calling the man down the street and expect them to honor my request.


There calls be harassment after being contacted NUMEROUS times and each time telling them that they have the incorrect information. Also in most cases they are NOT contacting the person who owes the debt but a contact number they have acquired.

Laws allow them to seek payment from the debtor not family members or others. So these companies DO harass on a daily basis in the manner that already know they have not reached the person who owes the debt but continue to call seeking them after being told not to call or they have the incorrect information.


BBB has not done anything because they are not registered with them. I have no idea why after several MILLION dollar lawsuits they are still in business.

Get in touch with the Attorney General Office in your area , and file a complaint against them. The office that keeps calling me is physically in India.


Who are these people to call my brother in SF? I mean, I don't even know WHY they are calling.

Left the name of "Carter" and the 1-866-435-8309. So obnoxiuos! Why are they still in business? This is NOT how you handle any tupe of call, collection or otherwise.

Someone needs to shut them down. :upset

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