Providence, Rhode Island

My credit's wonderful. Not so much my ex-husband's, apparently.

I divorced him in 1992, and hadn't heard anything until I changed addresses (not phone #) three years ago. That summer, I got a call from a woman (a real American!) who laughed and apologized when I said I want nothing to do with this man, don't know where he is, and don't want him to know where I am. She said she would take me off the record.

Problem is, the woman he married after me has the same first initial as I. So I got another call (yes, from an Indian guy) last year, who claimed "this is the first time I've had your case come across my desk, ma'am." No, it's the first time YOU as an individual have had this case come across your desk.

Your company, however, is harassing me without any right to do so for debt that was incurred AFTER I divorced this man 20 years ago. I thought it was taken care of. Today I got another call, and yes, he's from India. I'm sending a "Cease and desist" letter--that got rid of the other company who was looking for him/them.

I understand that these bulldogs have to go after people in debt, but for all they know, by continuing to connect my info to his, they could be revealing my residence, etc to him--possibly putting my safety at risk? At the very least, it's harassment that I don't deserve, since I pay my bills.

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U don't know what sewers these dumb son of a *** crawled out ofour better yet what kind iof a woman would raise such ***. They call and harass people about persons we don't even know.

Won't give any info if how they got ur number, or have the and intellect to answer some of the most basic questions. I don't have any debt so don't call me. Get a real paying job and leave those of us who do work for a living and actually earn a living alone.

You people are beyond worthless. Die a slow painful death all of you.


Tell them not to call you all calls are inconvenient and that if they call again you will blow their ear off with a large sports air horn. If they call again do it.

Normally I don't give them a chance but I don't know if these a legit or not.

If it's those Indian scammers they are in India, not sure where you will send your C&D. If they are legit, certainly send it.

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