Upland, California

They called I answered. They told me about a debt.

I asked them to contact me by mail only and gave them my address. They said they sent me a collection notice to an address that is 15 years old. I gave them my new address and asked that they send it to my new address. They told me that the law says that since they sent to the other address on 1/9/13 that they could not send me another notice at my actual address unless they had a payment agreement.

Then I told them again please send to my new address. He then asked if I could go to my old address and get my mail.

I then informed him that it was 2000 miles away. He then said that I needed to make payment arrangements before he could contact me at my new

Product or Service Mentioned: Allied Interstate Debt Collection.

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What he told you is pure GARBAGE!!! If you tell them never got 1st notice and you give him a new address he MUST send you a 1st notice at your new address.

Call them again and ask them to validate the debt (he must send you a bill from the original creditor) ..

you need to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC.org) and or file a complaint with the Attorney General in your area. READ the FDCPA its laws that debt collectors MUST follow, and if they violate those laws you can sue the agency along with the collector personally as well

Good luck


Ladyscot, telling someone to "pay there bills on time" does nothing to resolve the issue of disgraceful collection agents. Just because one does not pay their bills, you do not lose your rights.

This company was obviously trying to bully him into paying on the spot instead of considering his options. If I were you I would not have paid but told them you need them to give you documentation.

Also Ladyscot, these companies change hands so often with accounts that it is ludicrous to try and contact these (near impossible to contact at times) agencies just to see if they still have you on record. I once had a similar issue where I notified the company I owed the money to in the first place of my change of address.

They never forwarded the information to the people they sold my account to and I didn't hear from them until two years later.


Pay your bills and keep those you owe money to informed on where you reside. I bet if someone owed YOU money they would be the first you contacted when you moved with your new address.


spoken like a true bill collector


I was a bill collector but have not been for over 10 years. I do however pay my bills and never move without those who I owe knowing where I live. I also do not blame others for MY mistakes.

But thank you, that was spoken like a TRUE dead beat.



Please tell me how it's my mistake when a collection agency that has been calling my house trying to collect a bill for a

doctor's office. The doctors office is a gynecologist. I am a

male; a single male who has never been married. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt I don't and could NOT owe such a bill.

So you explain how it's my mistake !

I have repeatedly told the collection agency they have the wrong person. I have sent letters by first class U.S. mail as well as certified mail, return receipt.

You are a piece of work. You make *** comments to people on here without knowing what your talking about.

I bet your uneducated. People like you who work for these collection agencies can't find other employment due to your

lack of education and lack of common sense.


Follow up to my previous posting concerning LadyScot:

You need to understand something. My home, both vehicles, and

investment properties, are all totally paid for. You will

never have a FICO score high as mine; no matter how hard you try.

Only bills I have are monthly utilities, insurance, food, and


Your too dumb to realize that collection agencies and their employee's such as you were- are losers.

They call and harass anyone with a similar name or who have

been assigned a phone number that had been previously assigned to someone who owes money and past due. Phone numbers are reassigned to new telephone customers or to customers who have moved to a new service area. Collection agencies and their *** employees are too dumb to comprehend

the fact that the phone number of a "past due debtor" has been reassigned to someone else. [ who does not know the previous holder of such phone number ]


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