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I have been getting calls from allied interstate and have just ignored the message assuming it was from a telemarketer.I actually listened to the message today and called the company back realizing it was for debt collection and i dont have any debt in collections.

The gentleman on the phone asked if the number i was calling from was the same number i was contacted on to which i replied yes. He said the name of the account which was my friends dad and i explained that i had no idea how my number would be associated with any of their accts to please remove it and not call me again. I called my friend to notify her and she said her mom was getting harrassing calls from allied interstate and they left a very vulgar message stating that they would call all of her neighbors . I am appalled that a company is doing that but is that even legal to do.

She also confirmed that two other neighbors of ours also received the calls as well. What can we do about this.

She saved the threatening voice mail and I saved mine regarding the call to call them back.

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these are crazy they are calling everyone but me and harrasing them they are *** me off, my brother n law is getting calls and won't tell them anything , nut jobs


I'm pissed that company took some money from my acct and they don't want to give it back to me I have not approve anything they can't find an scct for me this is pathetic.


The company that I used to do collections for would call a neighbor only one time, and that is only in the event that any contact to the debtors home/work number was never answered or messages left on their number were never responded to.That is only to leave ONE message for them to call (or to attempt to get a better number), and we were told, by law, that we cannot contact them again.

It's called skip tracing, and they are allowed to do that, however, they are not allowed to discuss the debt with them (that's major illegal).

I had a call from them about a neighbor the other day, and I took the message over. They called me back to leave another message for them.

I told them no, and they're dealing with a former collector that knows what the laws are.The woman on the line said "So what?" She obviously doesn't know what the FDCPA laws are (we were tested every month and if we failed the exam, you could be fired for it).


Amazing! This happened to me too! They called someone I know. I never have done business w/ this company, nor am I in default of any financial transaction....

These are schemers and shysters’. I will contact the Fed and let them know about their attempts to defraud the public.

- Simon

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