I find many debt collectors simply don't accept the fact people move and get new phone numbers. I have had my number for 9 years.

I still get calls from debt collectors to the prior owner of my phone number. I called Allied Interstate from my Google Voice account and gave them my real name and told them I didn't have any outstanding debts. They didn't find my name in their system. No surprise.

I asked them to remove my home number from their call list. They could not find my home number either.. Somehow I don't believe them. Who would forward their number to mine to avoid a debt collector and not expect to have family and friends calls forwarded too.

Somehow I expect them to keep calling. Several other collections companies are still calling.

At least they acknowledge the phone number used to belong to a Jeromy and Emma. Last name of the debtors withheld.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #604874

This happens to me - Allied Interstate seems to go in cycles, sometimes calling every day, 2 times a day for a few weeks and then no calls for months. They have been calling my number for 6 years looking for no less than 10 different seemingly unrelated people (and definitely not related to me). Wish there was some recourse against them but apparently even the multi-million dollar judgement against them in 2010 wasn't enough to stop them.

to Texas Portland, Oregon, United States #638211

Well, since I have had my identity stolen, I know the sound of a collection agency even with my eyes half closed and the curtains closed so the street lights aren't lighting up the room.

I asked who's calling and the voice on the other end said "Allied International" I asked what "Allied

International" was and their reply "It's a place of business."

It was either a collector calling at 8:00 am or a scam to sell fake car insurance.

So, without even knowing the history of this place I said if they call again I would report them to the FTC should they call my number again. The call dropped instantly. I would too since they have been on speed dial for my nearly annual complaint call since the first time my ID got used by illegals. Unless there is something new the last of the bogus charges should fall off my credit report this year (yeah only so much you can do on annual reports and no money).

It would seem that Allied International has been predatory before and is likely to return to that pattern if they have not yet done so. But telling them that you will call the FTC is a good choice.

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