These Ignorant Rats call us 150 Times per week . No One is there on the call and ten when you call the Rats Back , Allied Interstate , Please Hold , This Might Be Recorded , Well Record This Allied Interstate Go To *** !

Cease And Desist , Find Another JOB?? Ignorant...Arrogant...Rats , Shame On You ! , Terrible , Stop , Stop And Stop , One Pissed Off Non Customer. National Do Not Call List Has Been Turned On .

Federal Charges Are On The Horizon For You Rats .

Shame ! Pests , No More , No More , Go To Grass Rats , PU, Pu , PU !The End , Bye Rats , Rats Rats , Rats

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These people keep calling my phone and I don't owe bills. They try to contact anyone with a same name to try to collect someone's debt.

Even when you send them letters to stop, they will call from another agency.

I have told them many times that they need to do their investigation work better before they accuse people of owing bills. They are very ***, in my opinion as to their tactics and not very professional.


Mr "dont worry",

I am guessing you don't have a family and don't live in the real world yourself. *** happens, then you can't pay your bills. Do you really think I ENJOY not being able to pay these bills? Really? You have one twisted world perspective if you really think that just because there is an existing bill that there is money to pay it. With our economy people are loosing their jobs and loosing their homes. You probably still live your mommy and daddy.

Get a clue...child!

Tunis, Tunis, Tunisia #53739

u guys are rude to collectors and expect them to be nice.....not customer service idiots....its collections....here's an idea...why dnt you pay your bills, and then you wnt have to worry about the way they treat u.....get a life and stop lieing on them....you guys avoid paying your debt, you lie, and you steal, and then you wont collectors to be nice and sweet to you...well in the real world that doesnt happen. grow up and take responsibility for your own actions. :cry :grin


Hey Eddie! Get this....just because we have bills that have gone to collection don't make us deadbeats! Your company employees are harassing, inconsiderate ***.

I told someone LAST week that things are tough in my house. I am about to get laid off and have no extra money to pay for something that I obviously don't have the money to pay for. Get over it.

I certainly hope you never find yourself suddenly out of a job and can't pay your bills!


Pay your bills and we wont call you dead beat.

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