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DEFINITELY, we NEVER ordered DVD MOVIES from COLUMBIA. We received a letter with a letterhead, "AlliedInterstate", contact number is 888-297-4214, dated 03/02/11, referencing OPS 10, Account No. 9004787281, Amount Owed: $48.88.

Somehow, this co-called collection company got a hold of my cell phone number, and claimed that I owed $48.88 for DVD movies NEVER I ordered through COLUMBIA company.

My wife contacted the number above, and she was told that, "maybe your husband forgot that he ordered." "WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY TRYING TO PULL!!!???."

My wife contacted them, and inquired. My wife told the person (middle east accent) that we NEVER ORDERED ANY DVD MOVIES. However, my wife was willing to pay in full the amount claimed. The person inquired into my wife's bank account, as he said that it is best to pay by credit card. My wife was felt like in her mind that this may be a scandal, in which she spontaneously thought and advised the person that she will pay by check, and not by credit card account information over the phone. The person insisted that to pay by credit card will save approximately $18.00 off of the $48.88." At this point, my wife believed that such a collection agency is BOGUS!!

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they are doing the same thing to me. i was in hosptial fighting for my life and they said that i nmight have forgot and i told them my id was stolen they will not leave me alone.

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