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I just received a statement in the mail today stating I owe Public Storage a sum of money. I was irritated by this because Public Storage actually owes me money from accidentally billing an auto payment from my checking account when they forgot to cancel my auto-payment after I moved out of the unit.

The account representative for Allied attempted to handle my "payment" until I informed him of this issue, then he told me that the account is closed from their end and to call Public Storage. Why would he ask me about making my payment if the account already showed as closed on their end?

This does not sound legitimate to me, and I did report it to Public Storage.

700 comments and the majority believe this is a scam agency. I'm willing to side with the masses on this one.

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Allied Interstate is actually a legitimate company, not a scam. However, your complaint is quite common with collection agencies.

That is, a collection agency trying to collect a debt not owed. I think about 20% of my clients fall into this category. You should send Allied a dispute letter in writing. The calls should stop.

You have rights under various federal laws. Do not let Allied violate your rights under the law.

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