Phoenix, Arizona

This number keeps calling my home, multiple times a day, and has for weeks, actually months. I never answer but they never stop.

This is really annoying to say the least. If I don't recognize the number and it doesn't state its business name I just refuse to answer anymore unless I hear a human voice on my answering machine and I know who it is. Who are these people and why don't they identify themselves as reputable businesses do when they are trying to reach you. Where are the calls coming from?

Is this even in the United States?

Why are you calling me? And if you need to reach me so badly, why don't you leave a message and tell me why you are trying to reach me.

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Allied Interstate is a collection agency and they have call centers throughout the world. Allied is likely calling you to collect a debt.

Collection agencies cannot relentlessly call you day and night. You have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The next time Allied calls, pick up the phone, and tell them to stop calling you.

The calls should stop. If not, you can pursue legal action against Allied.


This company Allied Interstate continues to call me from 8:00am until 10:00pm with Indian's on the line that can't speak English phone #866-910-7624, asking for a person who isn't me. When I tell them they have a wrong number, they still continued to call...

I dial back, they answer and I hear them screaming in the phone hello, hello, my number comes up on there caller ID, and I requested them to remove my number for months... they still continue to call..I have no debt, I'm a senior in my 80's, so after checking with my phone company.. (free call) for me... but if they answer the call , they have to pay...

so now my new enjoyment in life is calling them , make them scream, and then they curse and hang up.


@Getting even

Hi Getting Even - Allied Interstate should not call you anymore after you told them to stop. I've helped out hundreds of consumers in your situation.

It's unfortunate that Allied doe snot respect your wishes, and comply with the law, by stopping harassing you over a debt you do not owe. You have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Plus, if Allied is calling you on your cell phone, you may have additional rights under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Don't let Allied violate your rights under the law.

@Getting even

Telling them to remove you from their call list is pointless. Everyone would say the same thing.

You need to back that up with definitive action. First, divulge NO information to them about yourself. EVERYTHING is about the phone number they are calling. Tell them to forward to you ALL details of the claim they make to prove their case.

Again, DIVULGE NO INFORMATION TO THEM ABOUT YOURSELF. If they have your phone number, they have a name and address to go with it. Next, fill out a complaint with the FTC, Better Business Bureau and Consumer Fraud Bureau of your States Attorney General. When you fill out those forms, DO NOT DIVULGE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF.

The offender has your phone number. Make THEM prove your case. Use the same words on your complaint to each entity you file with. Get a case number from each of the three who now have your report.

Now call back the offender and immediately tell them to get a pen and paper and give them all three case numbers along with your demand to remove your number from their call list. This is the official procedure to stop harassment that has no basis in fact.

It worked for me. I can't stress enough not to engage them in conversation and DO NOT DIVULGE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF.

@Getting even

I LOVE THIS SOLUTION! Now, it's my new spare time hobby! Thanks G.E.!

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