Received unknown call number on home fax number. Called back from personal cell number. I asked what the name of their company was, what was the nature of their business, and where where they calling from?

They said the name of their company was Allied Interstate, LLC, the nature of the business was personal- could they have my name and number, and did I receive a call from them at this number?; and that they were calling from india.

I asked, "what do you sell, what kind of business you are, what do you want, etc, etc,..." They never answered- they just asked for my name, number(as if they didn't have it!). They talked over me the whole time!!! Can't stand those from India in person for the deceptive, crooked, & thieving way conduct business, nor their smell, their food, and especially those accents on the phone!!!!!!!!!

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He may or may not legally owe a debt.They're harassing me over a debt that was legally discharged in bankruptcy.

Collection agencies do that; they try to scam you into thinking you still owe a debt when you don't due to bankruptcy or due to the statute of limitations, as they can still try to collect.

And it's not racist to resent outsourcing of customer service to India or any other country.If we have to deal with unwanted calls, we should at least be able to deal with Americans.


Putting aside your racist and offensive comments, Allied Interstate is a collection agency, so you probably owe a debt dumba$$!

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