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When a Person reviews this Website on any kind of a Frequent Basis, they could not help but notice how often the name: ALLIED INTERSTATE appears, under various categories.

Every posting I have read thus far, reflects a negative experience.

It is my intent to study all the information posted on this Website regarding ALLIED INTERSTATE to determine whether I can may any sense of what they are doing and what their strategy is.

Just a slight perusual of this Website of Latest Reviews, or a Special Search by the Company Name, reveals a lot of Angry People.

I am sure, that if all the Inmates in Jail, or a Prison, either State or Federal, as to what their Experiences , Attitudes, and Opinions , are or were, of any Enforcement or Arresting Agencies, as you would expect, the vast majority would be, to say the least, Negative,

But you certainly wouldn't expect such a Response from any Company doing business in the United States.

On the other hand, maybe the nature of their work itself produces the results, opinions, and consequences.

My initial observation, probably completely premature, is that from at least a Public Relations point of view, muchless a Legal Position, this Company is not handling the People they contact on a very Professional Basis.

Their Mentality seems to be, that they believe they are dealing with the *** of America, and choose to treat them accordingly, thinking they will get whatever results they are hoping for, by methods skirting the legal system.

It is my intent to find out and report my findings on this Website.

Stay Tuned.

One Consolation: Sometimes Federal Agencies, like the Attorney General, also notice Websites like this, and Names of Companies that appear to be having a Negative Effect on Consumers.

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I am demanding that Allied Interstate stop harrassing 702-272-2774!! I know this is a scam and if it is not stopped IMMEDIATELY, you will be reported to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!


Allied now goes by iQor, Inc. The president and CEO is Vikas Kapoor.

Like all of today\'s CEOs, almost eveything is in his wife\'s/family\'s name. A plush appartment in Manhattan (Google the address) and a winery in CT.Here\'s the info:Vikas & Jaishri Kapoor135 Central Park W Apt 7SManhattan, NY 100231-212-769-14511-212-769-3760They also own a house/farm/winery in Connecticut:713 Milton Rd.Litchfield, Ct 067591-860-567-8878I\'m sure as CEO he would want to hear about any of his employees that step out of line.


My account was given to Allied Interstate by DirecTV for movies that were never ordered by me. I tried to tell them that we weren't even in town on some of the dates in question and the man representing Allied then accused my husband of ordering *** and watching it.

I asked him if it was possible to order and watch these "movies" from a different state and he just got more obnoxious. He told me to either pay the money or leave it on my credit as a bad debt. A computer calls my house at least once a day.

I feel like I have no choice but to give in. I am wondering if the same *** I spoke with would go to a store and pay an extra $100 just because the cashier said he had to?


Allied Interstates uses unethical practices, people skip searches from it\'s sister company and violates human decency, fair trade laws, statutes of each states statute of limitations regarding outstanding old debt. They take credit card numbers from people who have been duped into paying and reportedly the slime collection solicitors have used those funds in unethical ways and it doesn\'t reflect the true amounts or original billing transactions according to numerous pissed consumer complaints going back many years.

I understand in Chandler Az. even bought pizza! The tally just goes up with these people. Do not deal with them for you would be making a big mistake, report them.There are MANY great suggestions on this site how to deal with these lame brain degenerate low life thugs.

I now come to realize why CEO Jeff Swedberg moves around so much! :(


:? iam pissed about this ***


Allied Interstate has been leaving automated messages for several weeks. When one calls the number

1-866-578-4773 you are put on hold.

I have waited up to 10 mins and then hung up. I have emailed the No Call registry each time this has happened. I had a different agency calling in the same way for several months prior. My local Consumer Affairs Office says this is a standard technique that collection agencies use.

They go through phone books. They do not have the correct telephone number, house or name or gender. It is really harassment. Good Luck.

Try every avenue possible. This is not fair to innocent people.


Well good luck! I will tell you this, I dont owe anyone or have any late payments, but the jerks call my home all the time...but never talk!

only dead silence on the phone.

They even call on Sunday, several times! If they ever do talk to me, they will find out how pissed I am at them calling me all the time for no reason.

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