Someone called me from a 877 area code. I called back and an Alejandro answered.

I asked him the reason they had called me and he said he was looking for a particular person, which happened to be my sister. I asked how they were able to associate my number with her and said the information he was given reflected as much. I told them that was impossible and asked how they received my number. He refused and said they would remove my number.

I asked again how they obtained my number and he said it was given to them by some sort of service which I quickly dismissed. I told them they most likely did a random search over the Internet and came across my number. He would not elaborate further and was on the rude side.

I certainly would like to know how they retrieved my number and what gives them the right to call randomly without having accurate information. Since the number is outside my network, I will surely be charged for it.

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Did it ever cross your mind that your sister at some point in time placed your number as an alternate form of contact when she received/signed up for whatever that became a debt? I know I have. So it would make sense the company that hired/uses Allied Interstate as their debt collection agency passed all the information to them that she, herself, provided at some point in time.


You don't get charged for 877 numbers, they do.. that's why they use them, you need to chill out


Allied should not be calling you regarding your sister's debt. I suspect Allied skip traced your number.

You should tell Allied to Stop calling. If they call you again, you can pursue legal action against them under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


8668752943 - Allied Interstate - the only way to get them to quit calling is to agree that you are the person that they want and then call them on their criminal actions. I had previously told them they had a wrong number and to quit calling.

THEY ARE TOO *** TO LISTEN TO REASON AND POLITENESS. You have to outnasty the nasties!!!

@Al Ian Hunter

Hi Al Ian Hunter, Did Allied Interstate finally stop harassing you? Once you tell them to stop calling you, especially if it's not your debt, the calls should stop.

Keep in mind that you have rights under a federal law called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Collection cannot harass you over debt. Period.

@Al Ian Hunter

This makes no sense, your information is inaccurate and you have no basis for this post. You should be ashamed of yourself


do not pay these idiots a penny. they buy old out of statute legally uncollectable debts for 1.8 cents on the dollar expecting huge greedy profits at your expense and stupidity if you pay anything.

paying anything resets the debt clock and ruins your credit report for seven years and allows them to sue you. do not pay and deny.

nothing they can do. send cease and desist communication and refuse to pay alledged debt...if they contact you again get a free debt lawyer who will sue them and get paid and get you one thousand dollars for each violation from these bottom dwelling ***

@uncle tuggy

Allied is a "3rd party" agency, they don't buy anything, you're an ***. If you don't pay for the last thing you borrow than no one will borrow you money again.

If you can't afford it than don't buy it and remain a contributing member of society. Not a leach.


Tell your sister to pay her debts and then you wouldn't have this problem.


Tell them they have no right to call and are in violation of federal laws. Make sure they understand to not call you again.

TOMMANDER, collection agencies do not have the right to call people other than the debt holder about a debt. They are breaking the law by doing so.

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