Raleigh, North Carolina

On April 15,I was asleep at 10:50 PM EST and some *** called me and woke me up. To upset me even more, the *** from ALLIED INTERSTATE (866.428.9877) called my number by mistake and asked for Ron- "I asked who?" she replied,"Ron Toner".

I was ssooo angry that she not only woke me up calling late at night, she had the wrong phone number.

Don't you people have any common sense to not make your telemarketing calls after a certain time? Somebody in charge better use their head and make some changes on your calls.

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In response to Mr. Allied's comment....go screw yourself.

They have no right to call you after 9:00 p.m. your time.

And, i recommend that EVERYONE who gets a call from this company reports it to your state's Attorney General. And IRISH - none of your business when anyone goes to bed, besides the snakes crawl at night.


well ACTUALLY ITS a collector not a telemarketing. RegArdless, I still agree with you.


I believe this is not necessarily a telemarketer. They are debt collectors or a collection agency (possibly 2nd or 3rd party).

Most likely it wasn't a mistake they contacted you. They randomly choose numbers of people they think may be a link, conection, or kin to the person they're looking for in hopes of getting further info. to the of person of interest. There are violation laws that prohibit to receive calls past 9:00 p.m.

You can report this and the number to the proper authorities.

Also, if you were not a co-signor or signed on the exisisting debt(s) being collected on....then this too violates the Fair Debt Practice Act. Good luck and it is very annoying and agravating to be bothered by such at that time of the night....even if you weren't sleeping!


u know what its a WRONG NUMBER all u have to do is say that then hang up dont get your panties all up in a bunch


1. Written by Irish, on 16-04-2010 14:28

Your bed time is before 11pm. How old are you? You must be either really old(93) or young 2-11)

That was a really RUDE comment Irish. You must not have a REAL job. Most people with jobs, kids and responsibilities need to sleep. I'd be pissed too if I were to get a phone call after 10pm unless it were an emergency. Credit collectors are only allowed to contact you between certain hours (8am - 9pm) and they are in violation of the Fair Debt Practices Act if they do. Allied Interstate has call centers based out of India and they seem to get the time zone thing wrong all the time.


Your bed time is before 11pm. How old are you? You must be either really old(93) or young 2-11)

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