Ellendale, North Dakota

I just had another conversation with another representative of Allied Interstate. Rude isn't the word for theim.

Incompetent individuals who delight in making people feel miserable about attempting to pay a debt. My recommendation....don't give them a debit card to access your account for payments. They cannot even figure out how to process the payment. I'm paying for a student loan and will be glad it will be paid in full this year so I don't have to ever hear from these jerks again.

They called me at 7:30 a.m. and I hung up on them.

Today I asked the representative to speak clearly and not mumble and he hung up on me. Where do they get their employees?

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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today i got a call from them and the lady on the phone was immediately rude and when i tried telling her that i havent lived at the address they were mailing letters to for 6 years, she started SCREAMING at me and transfered me to someone else. i know that they have to deal with noncompliant people all day but that doesnt give them the excuse to immediately be rude. get a new job if you hate it.


I don't even owe them money and somehow they called me. I couldn't understand the woman on the phone and asked her to repeat what she said and she once again blurred the response.

Then replied, this call is being recorded.

like I give a ***.I've only had the number for two months and they acted as though I was a guilty person trying to hide some thing. They need to make sure they have the right person before making assumtions.

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