Upper Arlington, Ohio

I actually work for this company and it is legit. We have many rules we have to follow which is not only what our company requires but also the law.

We cannot disclose your personal information to anyone other than you so those post about how someone at the company did that is a lie. If that did happen that person would no longer work for this company. Our company is all over the world from Columbus, Ohio to the Philippians so the hours are different but there are laws that prevent us from calling after and before a certain time for example in NY we can call between 8am-9pm (NY time). Our dialer wouldn't even make the call before or after those times so that post about the call at 11pm is a lie we literally cannot do it.

Also, it is set on an automatic dialer which means all those calls you get throughout your day that isn't the person on the other end of the phone just hitting redial so if we have called numerous times in a day please be kind when we do finally get in touch with you. Not to mention we don't know where we get the numbers from. Our company uses skip tracing sites who find numbers that maybe linked to you. Yes they are wrong most of the time but it is trial and error.

If we do have the wrong number don't just press 2 and hangup that doesn't remove you from the system you have to wait and give us the number you would like us to remove. We always remove the numbers even if we have talked to you before and you are the right party. Also, we do not add the interest or the fees because we do not own this debt. We work on behalf of whomever you owe money to.

Please be kind to those who call you even if we have the wrong number. We may sound less than enthusiastic about calling you because we probably were screamed at by someone prior to talk to you. We aren't heartless people who are there to steal every last penny from you. This is a job just like the one you work everyday.

We have families and bills just like everyone else. Lastly the DO NOT CALL LIST is only for solicitation. If you owe a debt that doesn't apply because we aren't selling you anything so when you scream at us that you are on the list it doesn't do you any good. Remember to be kind we are people too!

If you have any questions ask them calmly instead of screaming at us. If we don't know the answer we can always get a supervisor or direct you to the right person.

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Honestly, I do not suggest making a payment through Allied Interstate even if your credit card account in delinquency was referred to them. Contact your credit card provider (the original that you owe) and make a payment through them.

Allied Interstate is incredibly rude, and I do not trust making payments through them at all. I refused to pay through them and instead paid through my original credit card provider, which was successful.


Mob bosses have families and consider their crime work too. *** off, shill.


Have you read most of these posts are people that have no debts or paid them.


Liar Liar pants on fire, Not legit, you prey on people. Your employees use scare tactics and threats.

How do you sleep at night working for a scam company, I'm sure they make it seem legit but theyes are not. And your one silly post isn't going to convince anyone otherwise because there is Web page after Web page of people you attempted to scam or did.


why if it is such a legit company did they call my elderly parents from 7:00am in the morning til 9:00pm at night every 15 min. for the better part of 3 months!

Annoying Blood Sucking Parisites is what they are! You People SHOULD BE SUED OUT OF EXISTENCE! !!!!

I hope you enjoy your stay there and get the same type of treatment 70 fold over, your evil BLASTERS! !!!!!!


Then why do you have over 700 complaints??? That has got to be the bottom of the barrel job...calling and harassing consumers. You can barely understand these idiots from overseas.


YOU *** *** HOLES!!! JUST PAY YOUR *** DEBTS!!!!!


I had an issue with one of the persons Shalanda asking for my bank information. claiming to help me. is that policy?


You are fraudulent and deceiving at best in your post. Your statements are false and misleading and for the inept and scared.

Shame on you. You are a predator to be hunted and shut down


Your "company" is a *** hole and your personnel are *** idiots. They are not kind or considerate or even listening when we talk, so why should we be kind or considerate?

You tried to tell me I owe a debt I do not owe. That I had been paying less than was required each month on a private student loan. THIS IS A BALD-FACED LIE.

You will be hearing from my attorney. I am sick of this ***.


The way you described the treatment by representatives with this company may be accurate in regards to how you talk to people. However, I have had firsthand experience and know for a fact that not everyone is kind or courteous.

Alot of them are downright rude and unprofessional. I do not feel as though stating that others on this forum are lying is necessarily fair.

There are those that work there that are not as fair as you state that you are. It is also a true statement that more information than is allowed by law is disclosed by some representatives.


This is B.S!!!! And whoever wrote this knows it!

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