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After receiving a certified stop harassing letter from me they continued to call every day. Two complaints to the FCC and the Federal Trade commission as well as the attorney general of Oregon finally worked. However I can document continued harassment after they should have stopped and am considering legal action in local court.

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Allied Interstate, Inc.

12655 N. Central Expressway

Dallas TX 75243

Allied Interstate, Inc.

3111 S Dixie Hwy, Suite 101

West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Phone: (561) 671-2121 (800) 955-3103 Fax: (561) 671-6040

PO Box 1954

Southgate, MI 48195-0954

Allied Interstate, Inc. , 340 Interstate Parkway Atlanta GA 30339- , (800) 447-2934

Allied Interstate, Inc. , 435 Ford Rd., 800 Interchange West Minneapolis MN 55426- , (800) 447-2934

Allied Interstate, Inc. , 31229 Cedar Valley Dr. Westlake Village CA 91362- , (800) 447-2934

Allied Interstate, Inc. , 14550 Torrey Chase, Ste. 550 Houston TX 77014- , (800) 256-0651

Allied Interstate, Inc. , 3200 Northline Ave., Suite 160 Greensboro NC 27408- , (800) 447-2934

Allied Interstate, Inc. , 55 North Arizona Place, Ste. 505 Chandler AZ 85225- , (480) 722-7810

Allied Interstate, Inc. , 15 Hazelwood Drive, #102 Amherst NY 14228- , (716) 691-1320

Allied Interstate, Inc. , 3111 South Dixie Highway, Suite #101B West Palm Beach FL 33405- , (561) 671-2121

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is being sent to you in response to repeat autodial notifications to my home phone number, which is registered with the Federal and State DO NOT CALL Registry.

Be advised that I have filed a legal complaint with the FCC:


FCC Submission Confirmation: 1088C Acknowledgement of Submission from XXXXX XXXXX on 01/07/2012, reference number 12-TXXXXXXXXX. Thank you for your information. The FCC will contact you if additional information is required. Please keep this information for future reference.

In addition: as of this date, your representative at (877) 350-9743 refused to provide a mailing address for your company in compliance with USC 1692g Sec. 809(b). I was informed that my telephone contact was being recorded. I will subpoena this recording if necessary.

Be advised that this is not a refusal to pay, but a notice sent pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 USC 1692g Sec. 809 (b) that your claim is disputed and validation is requested.

This is NOT a request for "˜verification' or proof of my mailing address, but a request for VALIDATION made pursuant to the above named Title and Section.

I respectfully request that all of your offices, as listed above and any others, provide me with competent evidence that I have any legal obligation to pay you:

What you need to provide for the debt validation:

1 What specific and documented debt you claim.

2 The source of that claim and copies of all documentation from that source.

3 Explain and show how your company, or the claimant calculated that debt.

4 Copies of all papers that show I agreed to pay what you say I owe.

5 Verification or copy of any judgment if applicable.

6 Identify the original creditor.

7 Proof that the Statute of Limitations has not expired on this account.

8 Proof that you are licensed to collect in Oregon.

9 Your license numbers, EIN, and contact information for your Registered Agent.

10 Proof that your collection company owns the debt/or has been assigned the debt.

11 Complete payment history, starting with the original creditor. This requirement was established by the case Fields v. Wilber Law Firm, Donald L. Wilber and Kenneth Wilber, USCA-02-C-0072, 7th Circuit Court, Sept 2004..

12 Copy of the original signed loan agreement or credit card application.

I am informing you that if your offices have reported invalidated information to any Credit Bureau (Equifax, Experian or TransUnion) this action will constitute fraud under both Federal and State Laws.

If a negative report is found on any of my credit reports from your company or the company that you represent I will bring legal action against you for the following:

1 Violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

2 Violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

3 Defamation of Character

If your offices are able to provide the proper documentation as demanded, I will require at least 30 days to investigate this information. During such time all collection activity must cease and desist.

During this validation period, if any action is taken which could be considered detrimental to any of my credit reports, I will file action. This includes any listing of information to a credit reporting repository that is inaccurate, or invalidated, or verifying an account as accurate when in fact there is no provided proof that it is.

If your office(s) fail to respond to this validation request within 30 days from the date of your receipt sent by certified mail, all references to this account must be deleted and completely removed from my credit file. I demand a copy of such deletion request sent to me within 7 business days.

I also demand, in writing, that no telephone contact be made by your offices to my home or to my place of employment. This is in compliance with the Federal and State DO NOT CALL listings. If your offices attempt telephone communication with me, including but not limited to computer generated calls and calls or correspondence sent to or with any third parties, it will be considered harassment and I will have no choice but to file additional complaints with the FCC. All future communications with me MUST be done in writing and sent to the address noted in this letter by the USPS.

This is an attempt to correct your records; any information obtained shall be used for that purpose.


Product or Service Mentioned: Allied Interstate Debt Collection.

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I called the number listed above and also got a live person. She indicated there was no record of a call to my number and suggested I call their consumer advocacy group at 800-811-4214.

I called that number and got a message that all representatives were busy and I could leave a message by selecting 1.

I did not choose to leave a message so did not indicate that I did. The system put me through to a message service anyway.There did not seem to be any way to speak to a live person in order to have my number removed from their files.


Received an autocall this AM on a telephone line that is never given out or used for personal business. I called 800-955-3103 and it was answered directly by a live person saying "llied Interstate.

All calls are recorded". All I told them was I received a call from them.

She read me back my telephone number and said there was nothing in the files, it must have been a wrong number.

Never give your personal info to who takes the call. Make sure you call back on the line they called you on.

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