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I am currently in default with my student loans. I had been receiving calls for credit collection and worked with a rep Nick Strusv.

a 100 dollar payment was to be taken out of my account on the 1st of each month. The charge was taken out via pay my bill on oct 2 and again on 6th with an additional charge of 13.99 when i contacted the rep about the duplicate charges he had me fax him a copy of my bank statement and he assured me the charges would be reversed. I continued to receive collection calls for my student loans so i answered. As it turns out they do not own my loan.

Ive tried to contact the office via the number for Nick Strusv and it has been disconnected. No working office number was listed for the call center out of MN. I hunted down office numbers for other facilities only able to reach the call center in arizona which had no record of my transaction with the office in MN nor did they provide me with any contact information claiming to not have the information available in the office. Further investigation lead me to discover that hardly any of the phone numbers listed for any of the branches were even in service.

Thanks to this great site and post from other pissed consumers i now know that Allied Interstate= Intellirisk management= IQor.

IQor's phone numbers are 1800-811-4214 1888-804-8198. Ill continue to post updates as i quest down this filthy little rabbit hole to win back my hard earned money.

Monetary Loss: $213.

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Pay your bills damm it! and stop complaining.

This country is failing because people like you take out loans that they can't repay back...That is why this whole recesion thing is going right no because we have become a debt society. So my point is Don't borrow what you can not pay back.

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