I had a old columbia house bill that was around $60. I thought that i settled that account year ago for half the price.

This rude yelling hateful man calls from what sounded like a cell phone cutting in and out to my elderly parent home at 10 am demanding I give them either my bank number or a credit card number so he can settle a bill. I was just in a car wreck last week and am off work so I asked what bill it was that he needed to speak to my lawyer on that he then demands that it is for Columbia house when I said I settled that he just kept demanding a payment of $51.69 today. told him I wasn't paying nothing over phone I would look for the papers if I mistake and didn't pay I would be glad to arrange something to fix it. I told him to send me a copy of the amount owed that had my account on it .

Then he tells me NO You must send money order today & fax them paper showing it was mailed today . Refused to send me any kind of paper till after he received the money . kept trying to speak to him about this matter & every word I said he just got louder & more rude. Got even worse when I told him I couldn't remember exactly what day I thought I had paid it.

I mean I know it had been over a year. Finally he told me fine he would just keep calling my parent house .

Monetary Loss: $52.

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jefferson capital systems is a real company and they break the law. they are junk debt buyers.

when a original debt is charged off after 180 days of non payment. the creditor will sell the debt for pennys on the dollar. jefferson capital is one such buyer. they hope to profit by collecting from you and original creditor was paid pennys and will not get anymore money from you paying.

jefferson capital will illegally list your charged off account as a factored account. they will illegally redate the debt.

they also try to offer credit cards from *** in that you accept horrible card with a balance transfer of the charged off debt plus fees to the card in which if you agree you must pay the new card a few hundred a month to pay off the transfered debt with promises of a good card when you are done....nope..if you pay all payments on time you end up with a credit limit of 150 dollars on card with high interest penaltys and fees..if you miss and default you just renewed your old charged off debt which would have dis appeared in 2 to 6 years to a much higher amount due and collection clock is fully reset in that they will sue you after screwing you. get a free debt lawyer


I received a call from them today about a debt that I had already had investigated because I did not open the account. They told me I owed over a thousand dollars, but they were willing to take 600.00.

I called the original creditor which was Capital One. When I talked to the supervisor, she told me they have no reason to be calling me because it was charged off my credit. Capital One sold it to Jefferson Capital Systems. I called them, but the automated system told me they did not have it and gave me the 877 488 1751 ( one of the MANY numbers they have) .

I found out they are physically in India. Which makes it VERY hard to find the right address in order to file a formal complaint.

Hence the reason for not speaking good english, and yes they are VERY rude. The amount of law suits against them is terrible, along with Jefferson Capital Systems.


That sounds like a scam, not an actual company :/

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