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I got a call from Allied Interstate wanting to collect a debt I owe to their client, Publishers Clearinghouse.

While I was talking to them I got a call on my cell phone saying my ride will pick me up in five minutes. I live in kind of a gated community where people waiting outside to give residents here a ride have the police called on for loitering. In fact, I told her that the police would be called on my ride if he waited too long.

But the collection agent didn't want to let me off the line-in fact she tried to collect over the phone using my debit or credit card. She didn't appear to be listening when I told her my credit card was almost maxed-out and that there was nothing in my checking account.

I said to just send me a paper statement and I'll see what I could do. I told her to call me back later. She said for me to call her.

I did that when I got home and I told her I won't have the money until March 3. I told her I could only give her $15 in March-but that wasn't adequate. She needed at least $21.00 & something in March to keep me out of collections.

I promised to send her a check or money order between March 3-5, but she insisted on getting my routing number and bank account number over the phone. I told her I don't give that information over the phone. But she said, "I thought you had good intentions."

She said refusing this information was a way of saying my intentions aren't good & that I'll be required to pay the full amount-about $80-85 in one lump sum. So I gave her the bank numbers and the number of one of my blank checks as she requested.

I entered the first payment of $21.82 for that check # as if it were a postdated check dated March 5 to Allied Interstate.

And I only have until May 15 to pay the whole balance off.

She insisted I get a pen and paper & wrote down her name and the name and phone number for the agency.

Her name is Ruchika Gola and the number is 866-235-7508. She told me that if she takes out even a penny more to call her & she'll cancel the debt.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allied Interstate Debt Collection.

Monetary Loss: $85.

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They collected money from me as I was paying off my student loans and now its been turned over to the Fed Loan for the full amount. Rep by the name of George..

I have called number of times and the number is no longer in service.

Yet I still have to pay the whole amount back after I have paid on it for years. # something way beyond wrong and I want my money back.

Paula S

When I checked on my checking account balance on March 5, I found not just one but 2 debits taken out of my checking account. Ms Gola didn't tell me it would be 2 withdrawals instead of one.

But they appeared to be withdrawn by the same place. I added the 2 amounts up & they did total $21.82 Ms Gola said they were taking out-no more-no less.

And I received 2 letters dated Mar. 1 from Allied Interstate-one about each debit. Each letter said there was a related transaction fee of $1.95. Ms Gola didn't say anything about these fees. I better look at my checking account history & take the letters to the bank with me.


By giving someone the numbers at the bottom of your checks you are giving all the info they need to clean out your account. If money is missing and you call Ruchika Gola they will tell you there is no one there at that number.

If you are smart you will call your bank and cancel those checks right now. The only reason why somebody would ask for those numbers is to remove money from your account without your consent.

Call your BANK right away and report what went on...

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