Longwood, Florida
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I am an ER doc who works nights. Twice a day, like clockwork the phone rings stating they are from allied collection agency looking for joe shmo.

I have no idea how I became so lucky, since I have no idea who joe shmo is. But if you answer the phone the voice tells you to press 1 if your Joe, and 2 if you're not. I've tried both---nothing happens after that. Next day, same phone calls.

I'm to the point now that when I hear the phone ring I get so mad and amped up my sleeping is over. I go to work tired and grumpy. Thank you allied for *** with my life for no purpose and giving me no way to make it stop.

You should really try to get some stimulus money while your at it. I feel there is going to be a special place in Hades for you, after Karma has taken care of you and you ilk.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Hmmm... A 'doctor' who apparently doesn't know the difference between "your"and "you're "?

Looks like the only thing you're working at night is a bottle of Dewars and your thumbs as they hit the keyboard. .....


If you're not.... If you (a)re not.

He is correct. You are an ***

@Joe Shmo

You're is short for you are. Your shows that something belongs to "you" or is related to "you" (e.g., your car, your father).


They just contacted me to offer me a job to Harrass people. Wow!!! Idiots!!


I was also receiving phone calls from this company for someone who I do not know. I made a report with the FTC, National Do Not Call Registry, and called the company and asked to speak with a manager.

I explained myself and they took my number out of their list. It's not that difficult to solve simple problems.

Are you sure you're a doctor? :eek


what a *** you are.... what was the point of being a butt to this guy? What a piece of *** :eek

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