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I am an ER doc who works nights. Twice a day, like clockwork the phone rings stating they are from allied collection agency looking for joe shmo.

I have no idea how I became so lucky, since I have no idea who joe shmo is. But if you answer the phone the voice tells you to press 1 if your Joe, and 2 if you're not. I've tried both---nothing happens after that. Next day, same phone calls.

I'm to the point now that when I hear the phone ring I get so mad and amped up my sleeping is over. I go to work tired and grumpy. Thank you allied for f-ing with my life for no purpose and giving me no way to make it stop.

You should really try to get some stimulus money while your at it. I feel there is going to be a special place in Hades for you, after Karma has taken care of you and you ilk.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Hmmm... A 'doctor' who apparently doesn't know the difference between "your"and "you're "?

Looks like the only thing you're working at night is a bottle of Dewars and your thumbs as they hit the keyboard. .....

to Anonymous #1528468

If you're not.... If you (a)re not.

He is correct. You are an ***

to Joe Shmo #1533811

You're is short for you are. Your shows that something belongs to "you" or is related to "you" (e.g., your car, your father).

Fort Lee, Virginia, United States #948967

They just contacted me to offer me a job to Harrass people. Wow!!! Idiots!!

I was also receiving phone calls from this company for someone who I do not know. I made a report with the FTC, National Do Not Call Registry, and called the company and asked to speak with a manager.

I explained myself and they took my number out of their list. It's not that difficult to solve simple problems.

Are you sure you're a doctor? :eek
to Anonymous Kennett, Missouri, United States #746976
what a *** you are.... what was the point of being a butt to this guy? What a piece of *** :eek

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