I telling him that I had not received a bill or a call from the company. He was keep telling me I had to make a paymeny plan.

I would I if I dont have the money. I was asking to change the phone number and he hung up in my face. I feel he was rude and they should teach them better was to collect money. They can and will continue to call me.

I'm going to call them back until I can speak with a supervisor or someone with some since. They should consider better service if they want to get money.

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(the asterisks stand for C..U..N..T..!!!


wow sally.. you are a ***! maybe you should go work for allied.


You tell her sis!!...Mom taught us well.....

Tollegno, Piemonte, Italy #59743

Try getting an education first. Then maybe you will get a job to earn enough money to pay back the bills you owe. ***.

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