Ok I am a collector for AI and I obey the laws, remove people's phone numbers when they ask and I am very polite....The reality is I don't collect half as much as my co-workers because I don't cut corners and disobey the FDCPA. The people that collect money are one's that don't remove your #'s (although they say they do) and say things like "You checking account won't be charged unless you call back and give the ok" which is a lie.

So people if encounter a polite rep calls you for payment and you know you have the money please pay him because he is NOT like the others.

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Just more debters angry because they have bills they can't pay and here's your proof you used a service now you have a bill wow what a concept.... So no matter how much you hate collecters at least were working not livin off the government like more than half the ppl in collections

The Village Of Indian Hill, Ohio, United States #15598

So, essentially, you're saying that if you call me and politely request that I pay up on a debt which is false, that I should just fork over my hard earned money because you were polite about it? Friggin ***!

Rybinsk, Yaroslavl, Russian Federation #13364

"So people if encounter a polite rep calls you for payment and you know you have the money please pay him because he is NOT like the others."

Wow. Just...wow. You really think your targets are ignorant. Unbelieveable.

Here's a suggestion, why don't you try PROVING MONEY IS OWED BEFORE YOU CALL!!!

If you have no documentable proof, then *** off!

Meridian, Texas, United States #12665

This website is for pissed consumers. Hard-working Americans who actually pay their bills don't have the FTC to protect us against vultures like you because the White House is in bed with the Corporations.

So be grateful that, for now, you could flagrantly disobey Federal law with impunity and cheat and abuse people. Even people that owe you money need to be treated in a way that conforms to the law. Please do us all a favor and stay the F off this site. I am considering starting a petition so that the incoming administration, whomever that might be, may feel compelled to actually do their job and investigate you.

I'm busy, I work. I don't have the time to get involved with fighting you bastards, but the more that you fail to shut the F up, the more inclined that I'm going to be to make the time.

Again, please do me a favor. Stay the F off this site.

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