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When I received the notice that I owed Alliedinterstate, the sum of $9.81 which is a reduced amount according to them. Alliedinterstate NEVER TOLD ME THE ORIGIAN AMOUNT. ONLY THE REDUCED AMOUNT OF $9.81. Their phone number is, (the one I have anyway) 877-313-3730. I called them the day I received notice. I asked what's it for and they said, "Dish said

you this amount for shipping the black box back to them." I then told him I paid for it at a UPS store here in the town I live in and I don't own anyone anything. Then I asked when did I disconnect from Dish Network, the date he gave me was 6-27-2011. We've never been sent a bill from Dish Network, EVER FOR THIS AMOUNT OR ANY OTHER AMOUNT. It was all paid up to date when we disconnected from Dish.

I told him he and his so called company are scammers and I am not paying anyone any amount.

Then he mentioned that if I denied this amount that he'd send me a letter stating I denied this amount. That's when I told him I'd contact the BBB with the letter I JUST RECIEVED IN THE MAIL and the one he's going to send me. This Company needs to be stopped, if you can understand them in the first place, I am sure they are off shore people from a very foreign Country.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allied Interstate Debt Collection.

Reason of review: They are charging me a bill for something I don't owe and never have owed, I paid for sending the black box being sent back to Dish Network..

Allied Interstate Pros: One word------------horriable.

Allied Interstate Cons: Rudest company i have ever had contact with.

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They did this to me and tried to sue $6,000 from me and I called "Allied Interstate" and the address that was on the letter Agate Ct

Simi Valley, California said that it's not a real address any of their real locations the address that they gave me was an address to

Lee and Associates if you have any further information on anything like this call me at 281-671-4318 Keishanti

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