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They never leave a message, you can't find a listing for their "toll free" number in a reverse lookup, and even after being informed in writing that the "debt" they are trying to collect is nonsense and that they are to cease all communication they continue to call in direct violation of the Fair Credit Act. No amount of verbal/written/faxed communication seems to make any difference to them.

I would like to know if there is a class-action against them I can join, to put them out of business? If so, sign me up!

They are the *** of the earth.

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Marion, Michigan, United States #6208


I too am a victim of this. I have explained to Allied via telephone, they are in direct FDCPA violation by calling my cell phone and demanded they remove the # from their dialer.

Calls have ceased, however I've asked for documents regarding this debt; to which they can't seem to produce.

They explain to me this account was opened in 1997, w/a last payment in 2003. It was sold to a secondary collections agency (LVNV), then to Allied. I'm unaware of this debt.

Aside from concern for resolving any identity issues; Allied located my Cell and home address (moved in 2006). It would seem to me they have skipped and admitted a bureau inquiry to locate me.

I'm glad I now know of this farce, but I fear my good credit is being damaged by this unscrupulous agency. Are there any SOL? "IF" LVNV owned this debt, why did they not contact me?

Should I locate an att from the above group, in my state; does that matter? -What are my rights?

Thanks for helping the uninformed consumer,

Warsaw, Missouri, United States #4672

Find an attorney from the National Association of Consumer Advocates. I am a member, and we pursue debt collectors who use abusive and illegal tactics.

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