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They call looking for my deceased wife, for starters it's been 5 years since she passed. I am very pissed.

How do you get them to stop harassing?

I just want some peace, these people don't have any compassion. If anyone has any kind of help or advice please send to me at I don't know what else to say but they call sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, mostly when I am gone.

These guys really suck. If you have to deal with these crazy people let me know and I will pray for you.

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Altenkirchen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany #57403

A little late, but better late than never:



Sally, you obviously have never lost a spouse. When my first husband died....there were several creditors that he owed money to.

all I did was send a death certificate and they basically ate it. No you don't have to pay that debt.

If its in her was her debt. Period!

Touwinn, I am so sorry you are having to experience this kind of grief.


Sally, perhaps you should read the entire complaint including the title. He said they call but won't say why.

They tried the same *** with me, they said I must pay them immediately but refused to provide any explanation when I questioned what they were collecting for. He said he will only discuss this with my lawyer. Funny thing is one of the corporate lawyers for the company I work for happened to pass by my office. Once he got on the phone the dumb a$$ collector suddenly didn't know what to say!

Needless to say once the Lawyer was done with that piece of $hit I never heard from them again and my credit is still perfect!!

Good luck Touwinn! As far as Sally goes he/she/it obviously has some connection to Allied.

Tollegno, Piemonte, Italy #51915

News flash! Even though your wife is deceased, it's still your responsibility to pay off her debt.

Just because she died doesn't mean the debt has been erased. You can get them to stop harassing by PAYING OFF YOUR DEBT!

They need to sue you to get their money back. ***.

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