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We simply never answer the phone for a number we don't know and they will not leave a message, so whatever they want, they are not going to get.

Their number is now blocked, so I won't have to worry about them calling again, but if they do, I have a program for my computer called PhoneTray Free. If you have a CALLER ID modem with voice, you can set it to any number you like and it will give them a message and hang up.

It's nice if you use the ones with the three tones saying the number has been disconnected.

lol It will also pop up on your computer screen who is calling and keep an unlimited call log. I'm not advertising for this product because it's free with no ads or anything, I just love the program!!!

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I didn't mean to repeat myself. I thought it would bottom post and I didn't see my reply coming up.Dumba$$ me. lol :zzz


With PhoneTray, I can block an unlimited amount of numbers. 8)


With PhoneTray, I can block an unlimited number of calls.


PhoneTray has no limit on how many you can block, but so-far the ones I blocked through the phone company have been silent with no secondaries from the same companies.

Haven't had this number very long. The last number I acquired in my previous town had a bunch of bill collectors calling.

Problem is, my son and daughter have answered a couple for the fun of it and the agencies don't believe you when you tell them the people no longer have this number. So we simply don't answer anything now unless we know them. If it's something important from someone else, they will leave a message.

I have even had bill collectors calling the cell phone for some Penelope person. Seems like every number we get has a bill collector after someone. :roll


These companies have many, many phone numbers. If you block one they have tons of others.

There are only so many numbers you can block.

They have many more phone numbers than your phone system can block. I'd think of a better way to thwart them.

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