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they continue to call each day they make you say hello hello hello, otherwise they are acting like telemarketers, they have never sent me a paper bill, that is what is standard practice, would not trust them, they probably also take bills so past due legally in your state, they are completely written off and you are no longer required to pay, one a company writes off a debt, you have to wonder who is going to chomp, at pennies off dollars and then the person is pressured into paying by sopranos like treatment, do not trust or make them send you something, just tonight, i said f**ck you as she said she had no paperwork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Uhm, Collector... You're incorrect on several points.

1) Once the statute of limitations runs out for your state, no, you are no longer, legally required to pay that debt.

2) If requested, (usually by writing) a debt must be verified in writing. No exceptions. If a debt cannot be proven valid, any further collection attempts would be illegal and subject to criminal and civil liabilities. If you doubt me, try me... I've just shut down a local collector and won judgments against 3 others from debts ranging in the 8 to 15 year old range.

You need to stop telling people what you want them to believe, and start citing the law.


Wow you sound really mad .. But Just so you understand writen off debt is not debt that you dont have to pay.

Its debt that the company writes off their books.. You definelty still owe the debt and many times if you owe a certain amount you will get a 1099 and have to claim it on your taxes as earned income. If you really wanted to pay your debt why dont you call the place where you incurred the debt to see if the company is legitamante. Collection agencies are not required to have the paper work they are not the ones who you incurred the debt with .

Did you make sure they had your correct address.. Getting mad at the people who are calling you about your debt is not going to make it go away..You have to remember you are the one who owes the debt they are just calling you to collect the money . If you anwered the phone and made arrangements they will not call anymore. If you are unable to pay the bill and are not worried about garnishments or are not working tell them to stop calling and write a letter to desist and decease..

But beware doing that because you will only get notices when you are being taken to court. Then you can incure court cost and attorney fees as well.. If people would just try to work out arrangements and not be so mad it would make life so much easier on yourselves. Its amazing that people will cuss someone out because they have a misfortune in their lives...

and feel its ok to take it out on someone else . I hope things get better with you and you are able to get your debt together . Did it make you feel better to cuss at someone???All calls at collection agencies are recorded now. Remember that if you go to court that will be used as evidence.

Doesnt show any intelligence to use fowl language just because you FEEL like someone shouldnt call you about your debt . Good luck to you .

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