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They have a lot of nerve. They apparently got my boyfriend's phone number from the phone book, which is in my name, and continued to harrass him by telephone calls, trying to find my son, who I might add is a 42 year old grown man that does not even live with me.

I felt very embarrassed to received a phone call from my boyfriend telling me someone keeps calling for my son.

How dare they put his business out in the street like that.Your client should have gotten all the contact information when this transaction first emerged.

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Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, United States #8377

you'd do anything to help people sometimes, just work with them, then if you know the details, tell them.. if you don't, be honest..

because these skiptracers wouldnt stop till they get the information...

give them info, and you wont hear from them. again...

Scenery Hill, Pennsylvania, United States #8336

We dont use phonebooks..we use our skiptracers (people paid to find you)

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