These people have been calling our home for about 2 weeks now. I been letting it ring & never answer it cause I don't know no such name.

How ever I got tired of them calling so I decided to answer it , it was a prerecorded message all in Spanish!!! They don't even give you a chance to find out what they want or to tell them to stop calling you. I have no ideal what they want. We don't owe no one.

It makes me so mad that they keep bothering us!!!!

We are about ready to disconnect our home phone because of them!!!!

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I wasn't sure why they were calling me either. I called the number back and he told me the name of the person they were looking for on my phone.

Which i didn't know.

So he told me they would take my number of their list. It was that easy.

Pedmore, England, United Kingdom #27307

so true i was eattng dinner so i didnt pick up the phone i have no debts and a credit score of over 750 so why they are leaveing these messages on my phone i dont know if i owe somwone money i wish they would just tell me...dumb collecters

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