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Somehow these people got my telephone number, and recently started calling me "about a debt". I paid off my student loans after I completed my graduate degree in 1976.

All debts are current.

When I called the 800 number, I was told that they could not help me unless I gave them my telephone number. If they need my number in order to help me, then how can they call me without already having it? When I questioned the woman, and refused to give her the number, she hung up.

This reeks of some kind of scam. I don't know what they are talking about.

What in the world is going on?

Product or Service Mentioned: Allied Interstate Debt Collection.

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I have been getting calls from 866-578-4773 every single day. I don't owe money to no one, in case this is a Collection Agency.

I already reported them to the FTC, Attorney in General, FCC, phone company and if I don't see proper results within a reasonable time. I will contact the FBI,The Better Business Bureau, the White House or who ever is willing to stop this people from harrassing my family. This should not be happening to anyone. This company or who ever they are should verify their information, before they start calling people everyday, every 5 to 10 minutes apart.

They don't know if there are sick people that they are disturbing or small children sleeping. I will find the legal way to stop these individuals.


I'm getting a debt collector call for $5.95. My bank paid a charge "after" I had already requested they close the account.

They paid the $5.95 and on top now charging me $34.00 for over draft. I told them even though they should have not paid, I would pay the $5.95 but they need to reverse the $34 overdraft fee. They won't. They call, I talk; They call back 30 minutes later, I talk; They call back seconds later...they hang up on me.

This has occurred all in the same day. Is this legal? Isn't this in violation, repeated calls the same day when I have spoken with them?

(This doesn't even count for the times I've talked to them and they say they can't discuss my account and I ask then why are you calling and they don't answer me. What is this?


I work for a small church. We get recorded phone calls every day from allied and the phone number they leave doesn't work.

I finally got a phone number off a website and called it. They couldn't find our number in the system,and the supervisor that I was then transferred to hung up on me when she couldn't find us in the system. The second caller couldn't find us either and when I asked why the 800 number from the recording doesn't work she said "I don't know!" So then I asked how I can stop the calls and she again said "I don't know!". I asked if there was someone there who might know and she put me on hold then said she was transferring me to her supervisor but hung up on me.

The last rep coudn't find us (big surprise) in the system and when I told her that I keep getting "disconnected" she gave me her supervisors direct number and name. I called him and left a message for him to call me.....we will see.....


I don't understand why they call even cell phones and don't owe them anything. If don't recognize the number I don't answer the cell anymore


Hey allied interstate employee, i see you can't read. how many people do you see havign said that they have told you idiots numerous times that they have a wrong number and you dipshiits still call like a bunch of assshole monkeys. het a real job, biitch.


do you people have any idea how rediculious you sound....if it's a wrong number just say's not that hard...oh wait, let me use my ESP to figure out what number we called you at and remove it...common sense....and if it's in reguards to a student and double check!!!! it's the united states government we're talking about here people....they have been known to make mistakes, resolve it now before then take your tax return by mistake!!!!!


If you've done business with a company before, I'm not sure if the do-not-call registry applies. That company can legally call you or hire someone to call you I believe. Otherwise try the 800 # that Anderson posted and tell them to stop.


My phone numbers have been on the Do-Not-Call-List for awhile. They insisted that I know one of the people who they named, and pressed me to give them his number. I stuck to the truth and they promised to take my number off, and to leave me alone.

It's been about a week since they called, so maybe they were telling the truth.

I wonder what sort of thrill they get from treating people like that.


I have Allied Interstate voicemails everyday; it is quite annoying. I do not call them back because I have no outsatnding or default bills.

However, I do think the calls are against my rights to privacy. I have put my phone number on the do-not-call registry; I do not want ANYBODY calling me that I do not know.


Thanks - I talked to them, and they are so dumb as to assign my phone number to people who I don't even know. They promised to remove it, and stop calling me. And so, we shall see.


It's been posted on these boards that it's the same company that makes all these debt collection calls. Their number is 1-800-943-2453.

Tell them that you will call the better business bureau, then they seem to "panic" and will stop harassing you.

Or if you want to settle, tell them that are going to declare bankruptcy. This is "code" for them to settle for 10 cents on the dollar.


Same things been happening to me. They started calling, have no idea how they got my number.

I'm still in school, so it can't be my loans. I thought maybe there's some medical bill I'm not thinking of...

But I don't think so. I'm getting so annoyed though.

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