Allied Interstae keeps calling me about some debt and i do not even know them. They call once or twice a day and i do not know what they are talking about.

*** me off because i use all my minutes listening to some random debt collection agency talk about how they want me to call them or some *** like that.

they make me so mad. they make me so mad. they make me so mad.

they make me so mad. they make me so mad. they make me so mad.

they make me so mad. they make me so mad.

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To allied worker suck my ***!you *** keep calling me even trhough i owe no one,i have changed my number twice and some how you get my new one my next course of action will be to cut the *** phone off,cant call then can you ***.

Immaculata, Pennsylvania, United States #18003

If you think you have been contacted by this unscrupulous collection company in error or if the states statue of limitation have been met or your debt was discharged in federal court, do not talk to these people!!!First, contact your state attorney general's dept. of fair credit practices.. tell them in writting you didn't recieve notice in the mail about the supposed debt, it must be in writting folks! 2.Keep records of all calls , who what where and why,also report to the state's agency in writting all communications 3. Do the same for the federal department of fair trade and consumer credit Report all in writting . 4. send certified letters that Allied must not contact you and take you off their calling lists .Also send a copy of the letter and certified mail reciept to THE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES!! Never respond to these GOONS or you open the door!

5. Refute any negative reports to the 3 largest credit reporting agencies in writting be persistent!!!! 6. Send all certified communications of seise and desist to Mike Clevland c/o dept of consumer ed. Allied Interstate P.O.Box 26190 Minneapolis, Minn. 55426 or to the Presidents office (better yet!) Jeff Swedberg, 435 Ford RD. STE 800

Minneapolis, Minn. 55426-1066 952-546-6600

7. complain, complain, complain, complain to anyone who will listen.... this company needs a bad rap along with it's reprobate employees let's put them out of business!!!

New Bloomington, Ohio, United States #17823

if you never talk to them how do they know you aren't the right person? if you are the right person they will continue to call you until pay the debt or make an arrangement to do so.

you can also write a cease and desist letter- they will stop calling you but they will continue to report to your credit bureau. all it takes it one conversation and a few minutes of your time to resolve it.

Spanish Fork, Utah, United States #17086

SIR, let me ask a question?

Did you take the time to hear what debt it was, or do you just always GET MAD.

Sir they keep calling because you keep avoiding the problem, if you dont owe, TELL THEM, work it out, And if you do owe then PAY WHAT YOU OWE, its real simple, there is no reason to be mad SIR.

Ask yourself this Question?


You've been getting mad, they keep calling, and the problem never goes away, and by saying what you say on this website, really does nothing at all.


Barnaul, Altaisky Krai, Russian Federation #16644

:sigh I don't blame you for being pissed. You can always change your phone number,or don't answer if it is their number calling assuming you have caller id.

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