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my girlfriend called allied interstate a day after she opened the account to cancel because of the things we saw on this website. they send us a paper demanding that we pay the amount and we called again to cancel.

about a week later we received a letter saying that they took the funds from our account. we canceled all payments going to allied interstate and filed a fraud report. then we called them telling them the things we were going to do, giving them a chance to give us the money back. we told them the situation and the manager said that there was no file or document saying that we had canceled.

then the manager hung up on us. they are rude people and i hope that others learn from this

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Kodak, Tennessee, United States #9056

That's a common complaint of people who have cell phones mailed to them. They call an activation line and later cry and whine about how they never signed anything. Did you not know you were in a contract for 2 years?

Or is it the long distance on the home phone? You didn't agree to have the ability to make a long distance call from home. You didn't sign anything.

Or it's the cable tv dish. Yeah, you never signed anything agreeing they could increase your bill from $60 to $120 a month!! And it has nothing to do with all the movies somebody ordered. You don't know who did that, the company is trying to ***.

Or is it the bank? You never agreed to being charged $30 for overdrafts that aren't your fault?


Bickering again. Be minded, not all employees that work there are *** people, and yes, some of us graduated college...

some are still in college...

If in case you don't know, not all are Americans. but they've been collecting!

stop jumping on to the "I'll SUE YOU" bandwagon, you just want to earn a little something for yourself. take time to listen, before you bicker.

Reedsport, Oregon, United States #7940

If you want to see em face to face,

here is the real address:

Joseph Steven & Associates

Owner: Marshall Steven

9542 Telephone Road,

Ventura, CA 93003

Phone: 866-987-3073

They are due West of Los Angeles

Go give em a big hug from!

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