I am upset with allied interstate, they have no reason to call me...I have nothing due, no late payments...my credit score is 780, yet they call daily and won't stop, they say they aren't calling that my name nor phone number is in their system, ok then, how did they get it and why won't they stop and their employees are rude, they scream and holler even though I'm calm and polite. now I need to just add more letters so this post reaches 100 letters!

strange!!!! Opps...only at 93, bet this makes it 100+

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Get caller ID and an answering machine and don't answer the phone when you see Unavailable or Unknown or anything else you don't want to answer. Phone calls are like junk mail these days.

If they really have something important or relevant and meant for you they'll leave a message saying who they are and who they're looking for. Otherwise, set the ringer to 4 times and let it go.


Here's their calls to us:

11/29 11:59am

11/30 10:17am

11/30 6:03pm

12/02 10:16am

12/03 9:41am

12/04 9:07am

12/05 8:36am

12/07 7:44pm

12/08 8:57am

12/09 7:30pm

12/10 5:25pm

12/11 11:26am


Try calling them at 1-800-811-4214 or email at advocacy.group@iqor.com. I called the number they said they'd quit calling after 48 hours.

We'll see. These people are snakes.


I recently began to get these calls from Allied Interstate. I tried repeatedly to call the toll free number back, forever got put on hold while listening to the hold announcement in French and English.

I never got anyone to talk with me. Yesterday my wife actually answered the phone when Allied called, and it was just ar recording. I found the contact info for allied through this website, called them. They asked my phone numnber.

I told them, and I told them that there is a guy out there with my last name but his first name is John instead of Jonathan (my name) They verified that is who they want to contact.

They told me that they won't call after my phone is off their system in 24-48 hrs. I told them if I get a call after 48 hours, I'll be contacting the Alaska Attorney General to file a formal complaint.


I have had six calls from Allied Interstate in the last 3 days, and everytime, they say they won't call again.

Meanwhile, I am not even the person that they are looking for!

11/17/09 09:03 AM 866-526-7795

11/17/09 12:43 PM 866-526-7795

11/18/09 12:53 PM 866-526-7795

11/18/09 07:00 PM 866-526-7795

11/19/09 08:21 AM 866-526-7795

11/19/09 09:02 AM 866-526-7795

Somebody needs to put the breaks on these dopes


I just recently started getting phone calls from them they've called everynight between 6- and 7 for a week. I answered once and it was a recording tellling me to hold it kept repeating over and over again.

I finally hung up on them.

I'm not sure what to do I cant write a cease and desist letter b/c i can't get a person on the phone to tell me what the account is that i owe on. It's frustrating.


My husband and I get a call every day. When they do answer it is in French!

We are an older couple and do not owe them or anyone else any money. This is harassment!!!!

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