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Dear people with or without debts:

I work for Allied, i have got to say that the comments people make on this website about my company is false.

Allied has the best Supervisors in the world, they support the laws and require all employees to follow them at all times, our company works very hard to find the employees that break the rules and make the pay for it, people please understand there is always going to be flaws in any company, but just because you come in contact with one or two bad agents at Allied, it doesnt mean that the company is bad, Allied has helped so many people get their personal problems resolved.

Look at it this way, if there were no collection agency's you would owe the bill IN FULL, that means principal+interest+collection fees, and there would be no one to take of cuple hundred or thousand of, you would pay for something you really shouldnt, so i understand why everybody here is mad about Allied, but its not the company, its SOME agents and Allied is doing what they have got to do, so you guys are satisfied to the maximum.

I would like to personaly apologize for The rude idiots working for my company, because the are to *** to do it themselfs, and just a hint to anybody dealing with Allied, IF YOUR NOT SATISFIED WITH THE AGENT THATS ASSISTING YOU, PLEASE ASK FOR A AVP (ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT) THEY WILL BE MORE THEN HAPPY TO TAKE THE CALL.

Please folks dont get me wrong im not protecting anyone

im just saying give the agents a chance, if you find that his an *** twards you, just hang up.


Wrong Number: Just say this is the wrong number please remove,

if they keep talking say, under the FDCPA they must do so.

THE CUSTOMER: IF an allied agent calls you, please take a few minutes to listen to them, most of us are there to help people, and in most cases our agents can vipe away the collection fees, and with gas these days, every panny counts right.

Thank You for taking the time to read this, and i hope it helps.

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The company is the biggest bunch of ***!

They harrass and they lie. They call your employment someone that lives near you and harrass them.

But the one thing in my favor is my phone records ALL phone numbers and so that there is a track record as to how many times they call. The state of California has laws against these calls as do many states. If you look-up Allies Insterstate on Google it will show you how many complaints and lawsuits they have had. So this fricking employee who loves working for them is blind to reality in the big world.

Most of these calls are from out of CA for me so they need to read up on each state law before they make any calls. The law state that they as an individual CAN and will be held liable for the harrassment.

So you can not only sue the company but you can also sue the individual also.

Check it out and you will see the company is full of ***!!!!!


I know how all collection companys work. It doesn't matter if its under your SSN, they have to check the date of birth and the address.

If those don't match then its NOT them. They have to check everything. There is a lot of ppl out there using other ppls SSN. My own family used mine from age 14-19.

They also look up SSN and if there happen to been a number used on thier Credit report or a ref.

number then thats how they get your phone number. Collection employees have to go by law and if they do not then you have the right to report them and they will get in a lot of trouble.


I do not owe this company any thing and yet they proceed to leave messages on my phone for someone else. They told me to ask that person, why would I ask them I don't owe any debt.

I don't care if a family member owes the money or not,you do not have the right to harrasse me at my home, further more they told me that I needed to ask that family member how they got my number. I wasn't born yesterday, if my family member gave them my number then why didn't they talk to them at that time.


I don't owe any money. I keep getting calls for my sister, ex brother in law, deceased aunt.....etc.

None of these calls are for anyone in this household. How did you get my number?

How do you know I know these people? None of them have our last name.


There are many collection companies called Allied. The one that called me refuses to send me a copy of the bill and refuses to quit calling.

I've had it. I'm reporting them to our states attorney general for not following the law.



Hey ALL YA DEBOTRS OUT THERE!!! how ya doin guys?

lol alright im jus askin u to have ur accounts settled for a lower amount....why dont u do that? if its under ur SSN then its ur bill.....if u think u neevr owe this then i think u should have an attorney....but i believe u wont hire an attorney for a 600$ debt....so better settle it up with 300$ and get rid of it.....or make payment by check over the phone or CC cos thats a secured mode of transaction......we dont settle account through mail.....cos u DEBTORS DONT SEND money bY MAIL.... And for Note**** Account which is settled for a lower amount has to have a payment within the same month or wihtin 2 months which means one payment has to come in the same month.....alright debtors I love YA and U love ALLIED ...Cos IT RULES....

Cos Some of U PAY!!!! LOL


I just had a phone call from Allied..they asked for a someone who doesn't live in my home, have never heard of this person, told the person from Allied this and his response was..are you sure..you know you are being recorded..big deal..record me all you want..you (allied) called the wrong number..get it??!!


Hi All,

There is this page which has good discussion on Allied Interstate



I have a question for the OP. Are you an employee of Allied Interstate, Inc.? I am beginning to thing there are two companies here. I just contacted another company which is Allied Interstate, Inc. They are a collection agency as well and they were EXTREMELY nice and professional. They did a search for me and found only one debt that I DID have with them at one time and was taken care of.

I talked with her about the other debt they have stated I owe and she saw no record of it. She also took the information I had about the calls and forwarded it to the appropriate complaint department.

I am beginning to think you may work for this company instead of the Allied Interstate everyone is talking about here. If so, I would suggest your company investigate what is happening as it is clear that I had two very different experiences.


I find it funny that someone said you handle 'student loans'. This has to just show how much you actually know about what you are doing.

Let's face it, your company is the worse. I had to deal with them before about and account that WASN'T even mine. It was the same name, first and last but completely different soc number and middle name. I was continually harrassed and told to just pay my bill and stop lying. It finally ended when more I involved authority and it was made clear I was not the account holder.

And I did speak with numerous supervisors and they were just as bad . Was there an apology? NO. Just more rudeness even after it was revealed I was not the person they were looking for.

I hope this company goes under. Bad business practices all around.


this is in response to danishgal: just to be clear...you have a bill that you owe for cell phone service...so they provided you a service which you did not pay for and haven't paid for 4 years and now you're mad that someone has the nerve to call you and try to get you to fulfill your obligation? and on top of it all these people are not treating you with dignity and repect you deserve as a paying (oops i mean, NONpaying customer). wow, that DOES suck.


Pay your bills and we won't need to call you!


I work for allied and i belive that the consumers are way more rude than the employees im just trying to do my job and help other people keep this off your credit and save you some money and people act like im getting there money... im just collecting on bills YOU OWE!!!!


IF you are an employee of this company you better leave as soon as possible. This company is not well informed of their information AND usese Harrasement tacticss. Is that a company to brag about?

I don't think so.

Your company called me one day 7 times and hung up and has been doing this tactic many times. I called and got MONA on the line she WOULD NOT give me the company name until I asked repeatedly over and over and over again.

Do you still call this a good and righteous company.

There is a lawyer firm that is specializing in suits against your comapny for the horrible practices.

Still a good company to work for?

I don't think so.


Hahaha im reading what the writer named

DANISHGAL wrote and its funny, just to let you know i was not born in America, so i apologize if a make a spelling error.

And also i read the comment MTNPATCHES wrote:

All i would like to say is you do not need to have a credit card or check acct to pay.

There is a Card called the GREENDOT PRE-PAID CREDIT CARD, its secure, safe and the best part is no one can take out more money then you put on the card, there is no late fees, monthly bills, and no checking acct is needed. You can get a GREENDOT CARD at stores like: WALGREENS, RADIO-SHACK- CVS- WALMART- RITE-AID... oh and the card is 9.95$ and there is a 4.95 charge everytime you load money on to it...i hope this helps you....GOODLUCK


This company has just started contacting me regarding a bill from sprint from 4 years ago. Their tactics stink and your employees are very rude INCLUDING YOUR AVP's.

They are not willing to work out any type of settlement with out payment in full and the AVP advised me they do not send out written agreements that is *** i do not have a debit or credit card to pay this over the phone and even if i did i wouldnt because then they have your bank infor and then off they go to get that...PAY ONLY WITH MONEY ORDERS NO TRACING>>>> I would love to make a settelement but being a single mom raising two kids with out a father support i am tight squeezed but hey they dont care make the payment of 460 by end of the month or we will keep calling you every half hour till you make a payment..

I just recieved a letter finally from them they said they sent on May 30, 2008 it is dated june 9th on the letter..I am changing my cell phone number due to i ask them not to call only contact via mail and i will make payments i admit i owe the SPRINT bill and am willing to make payments Dopey me forgot to include in my bankruptcy.

Watch your back.


Are you kidding me? Just look at the spelling, grammar, etc.

of the Allied employee. That should be proof enough about the intelligence level and professionalism of the people employed by Allied Interstate! Enough said.

They can leave voice mails until the world ends. I don't have any unpaid debts and I don't take messages or pass on messages for family or friends who do owe money!


ok this is to the writer, O_o

if Allied is calling you house and that is the wrong number, tell them that, they might ask a question like "do you know the this person" people just answer it, it wont kill you to do so, sometimes our clients give us numbers that are 10 years old, and the person that the number was for does no live there anymore, just be patient, complaining will not help you must take action and just by halping answer a question will go a long way.

OH AND ONE MORE THING: Allied does a lot of different collections for a lot of people and things, like student loans, parking violations, and medical bills.

STUDENT LOANS: if you went to school you should pay, there are some cases where you really dont, but by avoiding the problem will not get a resolution.

PARKING VIOLATIONS: disabled people have special spots and when someone violates that and they are not disabled shouldnt they pay?

MEDICAL BILLS: Simple, if a hospital helps you in anyway, it doesnt matter what you have got to pay for it, why do people feel like they dont hafto pay, its America people, nothings free, think of people in Africa or anywhere, they dont have hospitals and medications, they live with the problems.


O_o reading your posts makes me want to laugh at you. I can see why the Allied Employee laughed at you.


And furthermore, I have very politely stated that the number AI was calling is incorrect (which in my case it was incorrect). I have even cited the FDCPA as to why they must cease and desist.

I was laughed at.

I suggest that if you are a person with any kind of principles (which, by your post you sound as if you may be) that you find yourself position with another company.

AI is all that makes debt collection vile. I suggest you disassociate yourself from them as soon as you are able.

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